Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 hotkeys don't work

Hi there

I'm not sure whether there's some mass topic for bug reports of this kind, but for the time being, I made this topic.

I updated to 12.17.5 (Beta) today and my shortcuts for e.g. renaming stopped working :frowning: [ctrl + 3]

Please advise, I tried resetting DO and computer too

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Are you sure it's because of the new version? Have you checked going back to 12.17?

If the toolbars/hotkeys haven't been edited or turned off, it's more likely another piece of software has taken over those hotkeys. (They are fairly common ones.)

I haven't, tomorrow I'll try to turn off other SW and will see what it's done by. Thank You for now!

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You can use HotKeyList to see a list of which hotkeys programs have reserved on your system.

It won't tell you which program has done it, unfortunately, but it will confirm that the key has been reserved by something as a system-wide hotkey which overrides individual applications from handling the key when their windows are active.

(If you have floated or turned off the Operations toolbar in Opus, that could also cause something similar to happen with those keys.)

Hey there @Leo!

So after updating to version 12.18.1 (Beta) x64, shortcuts/hotkeys work again! Thank You for the fix!

We didn't change anything. :slight_smile:

Well, someone must've changed something. I only updated my Windows in the meantime and Aorus Engine + it's dependencies [RGB Fusion, etc.]. But, when I revert to older version of DO, it stops working, in the latest it does. So "something" must've changed :stuck_out_tongue: