Ctrl-F in Text viewer Plugin

I don´t know if it´s just me, but I keep experiencing problems using the shortcut [Ctrl][F] for searching inside of the textviewer.

It looks like it does work the first time I use the plugin. If I close the plugin, choose another textfile and let it show using the plugin again, then nothing happens when I hit [Ctrl][F]...

This is really annoying. Has anyone else experience this?

I am using DOpus english version on a german Win 2000...

On another note: it would be GREAT if one could have some simple editing-functions in the textviewer... Is something like this planned for the future?


I haven't seen that happen, although I don't use Ctrl-F in the text viewer very often.

I wonder if you've got another hotkey on Ctrl-F that is confusing things? If you go to Customize, Keys you can get a list of all Opus hotkeys that are defined either by toolbar buttons or standalone (and optional system-wide) hotkeys.

Also, the viewer pane must have the focus (i.e. click on it) before Ctrl-F will work. When you switch on the pane it won't take the focus (by design), except for some of the ActiveX plugins (where there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to stop them taking the focus).

GPSoft have said that allowing editing in the viewer pane is not a road they plan to go down and I don't plan on writing such a plugin either.

If anyone else wants to write a text-editor plugin, my NFO plugin, which is a simple text-file viewer using a read-only edit control, might be a good starting point. The C++ source is on my webpage.

Hi, thanks for caring to answer!

I had [Ctrl][F] assigned to "File/Find...", but even when I removed this shortcut, it wouldn´t help...

Clicking on the Text-viewer-Pane before hitting the shortcut didn´t help either...

Same problem with [Ctrl][H] of [F3]...

I´m still stuck on that... :frowning:

I would appreciate if anybody would care to implement an editable Text-Plugin...

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Source code viewer allows editing.

RhinoBanga wrote:
Source code viewer allows editing.[/quote]

Thanks for your Tip!

I just installed it, and was wondering if there was a place where I could get the Syntax-Highlighting for Borland-Pascal / Delphi...

Thanks for an answer!

Oh... and another thing: I can´t access the configure"-Menu. It is grayed out! Isn´t there anything to configure? :confused:

I use UltraEdit as my main text editor and it has loads of wordfiles:

idmcomp.com/downloads/additi ... #wordfiles

So see if any of these work for you and configure the .XML file.

Yes but it's not via a dialog, you use the .XML file. Check the README file.