Ctrl+L is not calculating folder size

I can select a folder, then click on Tools, Calculate Folder Sizes, and the folder size is calculated. However, when I select a folder and then press Ctrl+L, nothing happens. I have a Microsoft Digital Media keyboard 3000, and finally figured out how the special keys on the keyboard are mapped using the driver toolkit (although there is apparently no simple user manual for the keyboard), but there doesn't seem to be anything affecting Ctrl+L. In my Chrome Browser, Ctrl+L selects all the chars in the url field at the top, which is the expected behavior. In my NoteTab Pro text editor, I can press Ctrl+L and it selects the character to the left of the mouse if the cursor is at the end of a word with no following words, but if there is a word following, it jumps to the first character of that word and selects it; if the cursor is at the beginning or in the middle of a word, it selects the following character -- I have no idea why it does any of this behavior, because Ctrl+L is not a shortcut in NoteTab Pro. In Windows Notepad, Ctrl+L does nothing. I am running Autohotkey, but it does not intercept Ctrl+L, and when I exit Autohotkey, the behavior remains unchanged. In any case, when Directory Opus has the active window, these other programs should not be active. Any ideas on how to solve this? In the meantime, I guess I can click on Tools, Calculate Folder Sizes, with no folder selected to calculate the sizes of all the folders at once (per Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically FAQ at Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically ).


You have verified that the key is configured?

Customize -> KEYS

Thank you very much! Yes, that was the problem. I didn't realize that the original (apparently default) shortcut key associations could be added to -- there was no 'Get Sizes' function or Ctrl+L in the original list (although Ctrl+L is displayed as a shortcut for Tools, Calculate Folder Sizes). I added the shortcut as described in gpsoft.com.au/help/opus10/de ... otkeys.htm. Now it works just right! David

If Ctrl+L wasn't in the list then you must be using customized toolbars (or perhaps toolbars from a very old version), since it is there in the default Opus 10 toolbars.

Yes, Leo, you're right. I was using Andy's interface from dearopus.com .

Ah, yes if you use that then all bets are off as Andy has completely changed things from what the manual describes.

Maybe a big warning is needed when downloading his config as you're not the first to wonder about this.