Custom backups


I have DOPUS installed on 3 machines. When I make a configuration change in DOPUS on one of them, I often would like to make that change in all three. Obviously I can use the backup tool to save the wanted/latest configuration and then restore that configuration file to the others, but the problem is that there are a couple of items that I don't want to migrate to the others because they are machine-specific: namely, ALIASES and DEFAULT LISTER. Is it at all possible to do a backup/restore which somehow excludes these two areas of the application so that I don't have to manually reset those features when I restore/import the saved backup from another machine? This is not a problem if I make only one change, but in some cases, as I learn more about DOPUS, I make a lot of changes to the configuration and want to duplicate those changes to the other installation.


The configuration is all stored in files, so you can do more granular backups by copying selected files/folders between machines.

HOW TO: Backup or locate your Opus configuration (Advanced) goes into the different config folders in detail.

Note that some config files are only saved when Opus exits, or only loaded when Opus is launched, so you may need to fully exit Opus (e.g. via File / Exit Directory Opus) before manually copying the files, depending on which they are.

Aliases are stored in the file /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\folderaliases.oxc
The default lister is stored in /dopusdata\Layouts\System\default.oll
Delete both files out of the [Backup].ocb (it's just a renamed *.zip file) and it should work.

Careful use of the synchronize panel might help. If you have access to these machines over a network.

I have a dual-boot regime where this helps.

Very helpful, everyone. Thank you.

In case anybody finds the time to do it, please code some dopus configuration merging tool! o)
I think it doesn't need to be "native" necessarily. Reading/merging/saving DO-config files should be possible with an external tool as well.

Since I use a full installation at work, I write emails home to myself, whenever I added/changed a button or a filetype definition e.g.
When I'm home, I sit down once a week and pull changes into my home config, trying to keep an "all in one, fully featured version" there at least.

This is real work and takes some patience to keep up. o) But I see no way around that, because there are quite some machine specific configurations,
which would get lost, whenever a config-restore is done.