Customize crashing infrequently

Dopus has crashed infrequently lately. This time, I was in "Customize Toolbar" and got this error message:

Program error encountered
Directory Opus has encountered a program error. We apologise for the inconvenience.
The error (OxCOOOOOFD) occurred in thread 'dopus_customise' at address 0X00007FFF2DC2500E.
The thread that encountered the error may be non-critical and it is possible that it can be safely terminated allowing Directory Opus to continue running.
However, the behavior of Directory Opus after terminating this thread can not be guaranteed. Would you like to try to terminate this thread?
Yes No

I have Windows 10, v 1909, 64-bit, and Dopus 12.19 x64, build 7310.

What could possibly be the reason?

Hans L

Please send us the crash logs and we'll take a look.

Okay, here it is. Thanks/Hans L (70.7 KB)

That looks like something to do with a mousewheel message. Does that tie in to what's going on at the time it happens? Can you remember which Customize tab was active and what the mouse was over when the mouse wheel was moved?

Leo, thanks for answering.

The customization was

Settings > File Types > All files and folders > Context Menu > "Copy to K" (one of my options), and I changed "Copy to "K:\Ad hoc backups" to "Copy to "M:\Ad hoc backups".

Whether I moved my mouse wheel or not, I have no idea. My mouse wheel, in that situation, woulds have scrolled.


Hans L

From the crash it looks like you were using the Customize dialog (Settings > Customize) and not the File Types dialog (Settings > File Types).

Ah, Jon, I forgot when Dopus crashed. I was, indeed, in Settings > Customize Toolbar first (by mistake), and perhaps Dopus crashed then. I will pay more attention next time. Any indication why Dopus crashed?

Hans L

Looks like it happens if you use the mousewheel when the pointer is over certain parts of the Customize > Context Menus tab. (The mousewheel message ends up being forwarded between the windows in a infinite loop as none of them want to handle it.)

We'll have a fix in the next update.

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Thanks for the info, Leo. Glad you feel you can take care of it.


Hans L