Dark/blue theme for DOpus 13

Dark theme, with blue highlights, for DOpus 13.

This theme is a work-in-progress, so I plan to continue tinkering with it as time permits. I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Dark Blue.dlt (304.5 KB)


Could someone please help me identify where the following colours are used?

• Prefs > DOpus Colors > File & Folder Colors | File display background > Inline Sub-folders

• Prefs > DOpus Colors > Other Colors | Prefs UI > Highlight overlay


Switch to Thumbnails mode and expand a folder:

Note that the color will be faded out the more nested a folder is.

Used in the Preferences Introduction, which you can re-run via the menu in the Prefs dialog:


(Might be used in more places in the future.)

Thanks, Leo!

Here's an updated version of the theme:
Dark Blue.dlt (304.4 KB)

Is it possible to change the colour of the "connection closed" text in the FTP log, and if so, where? Thanks.

That's under Directory Opus Colors / Logs.

Thanks for your help, Leo, but I'm not seeing it there... ?

It's not the "connection" one?

Doesn't appear to be... !? At least, it's not working for me...

Hmm, it may not apply retroactively. As in it may only change the color of new log lines, not old ones. (Or it may only apply to lines added after 13 was installed. I forget the exact technical details at the moment.)

But failing that it could be a bug.

No issue here. Changes are made immediately.

Right you are, Leo! I cleared the log, and everything is working now. Thanks!

Thanks for your help too, Hardkorn.


Thanks for the theme, trevorm.

Is there an updated version based on the most recent discussion here?

Here's the latest version:
Dark Blue.dlt (304.5 KB)

It's still a work-in-progress, so I welcome any feedback/suggestions.


I really like your theme, is this work still continuing, looking forward to your next update!

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@JCDARK There are no new versions at this point. I'll likely tweak it some more though, at which point I'll upload/update this post. I'm glad you like the theme. Thanks for your feedback.