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Dark Blue Theme


Sorry for the delay but I always wanted to finish it first!!!
This is the current preview.

Dark Blue.dlt (239 KB)Dark Blue.dlt is the theme that you can import from Lister Themes... > File > Import Theme... (14.5 KB) includes my toolbars that are close to the originals but more compact so that can be used to my laptop's smaller display.
This should be extracted into /dopusdata\Buttons
After the extraction you have to enable these toolbars yourself.

Because the following styles will replace your customization that you may have to colors/folders/filters so
PLEASE CREATE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU PROCEED!!! (7.05 KB) contains the color groups and the colors for the file types. Also includes the letter images at the bottom of each lister into the configuration. This should be extracted into /dopusdata\ConfigFiles (939 Bytes) contains the filters to apply the images. Should be extracted into /dopusdata\Formats

How do I change the background colour of the path box?
Slow startup when network drive is offline!

Very nice theme! Nicely done.


2018 Update for my theme.
It currently looks like this

I would like to upload my dark blue Icon set.
DOpusDarkBlue.dis (256.4 KB)

All credits go to Cris van Minnen, I just colored the icons to look closer to my theme.