Dark Blue Theme

Sorry for the delay but I always wanted to finish it first!!!
This is the current preview.

Dark Blue.dlt (239 KB)Dark Blue.dlt is the theme that you can import from Lister Themes... > File > Import Theme...

Buttons.zip (14.5 KB) includes my toolbars that are close to the originals but more compact so that can be used to my laptop's smaller display.
This should be extracted into /dopusdata\Buttons
After the extraction you have to enable these toolbars yourself.

Because the following styles will replace your customization that you may have to colors/folders/filters so

ConfigFiles.zip (7.05 KB) contains the color groups and the colors for the file types. Also includes the letter images at the bottom of each lister into the configuration. This should be extracted into /dopusdata\ConfigFiles

Formats.zip (939 Bytes) contains the filters to apply the images. Should be extracted into /dopusdata\Formats


Very nice theme! Nicely done.

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2018 Update for my theme.
It currently looks like this

I would like to upload my dark blue Icon set.
DOpusDarkBlue.dis (256.4 KB)

All credits go to Cris van Minnen, I just colored the icons to look closer to my theme.


Is the update to your theme reflected in the download in the first post?

I don't remember how many changes I made since then, so I post my current files.

Please follow the instructions above and don't forget to:
before start plying around.

If you use my theme please send me your comments to improve it!

Dark Blue Theme.dlt (453.2 KB)

ConfigFiles.zip (7.8 KB)

Images.zip (21.7 KB)

Buttons.zip (16.3 KB)

Formats.zip (824 Bytes)

DOpusDarkBlue.dis (256.8 KB) Re-uploaded after Leo's comment!

Have fun!!!


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I downloaded all those files to a subdirectory named "New" in the Dark Blue folder.

"Directory Opus > Themes > Dark Blue Theme > New"

The theme folder and all zip files are there. I unzipped all the zip files and left the original zips inside, planning to trim things down later. The images file was extracted into a folder instead.

I'm trying to figure out how to install it right now.

I was able to just double-click on the Button file toolbars and the Dark Blue theme, but I'm having a hard time finding the directory for the other stuff. It's definitely not in the installation directory. (Why do programs do that? Leave bits of themselves all over the computer.)

One exploration and note-taking binge later, I've found the data folder in [User\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus. I found the cache folders in Local, what I think are the default icons and toolbar examples in ProgramData, and a completely empty Directory Opus directory in Program Files. I don't understand the point of that last one.

I installed your stuff, but the icon sizes for your created toolbars appear notably larger than the default ones. I then went back and reapplied the theme. The buttons on your toolbar are still larger than the defaults. I'm not sure if that's by design or not. [Edit, I found where that setting is. Ignore this. This is kind of a first-impressions as I was working on installing it.]

Having used it for all of 5 minutes so far, I like the darker theme and different colours for the file types. That said, I'd like to understand why some folders and files appear to have bold, italics, colour, and highlighting patterns that seem kind of random.

Poking around a little bit, it seems that you've done extensive labeling work, and somehow made labeling automatic. That's something I'll have to work to understand. Along with exactly what's different about your toolbars compared to the defaults.

Just as an example, I'm seeing under Label Assignments [Wildcard Filter: Current Project ((.*).~$) ]. Oooh. There are label filters at the bottom that bold and change background highlighting based on when it was last modified. I don't know much in the way of RegEx (yet), but I might be able to understand and work with most of these. I at least understand the "modified time" value and the file name ones.

What are the Wildcard filters that say things like *Electronics, *Android, *Linux, and *Projects for? When do they get applied?

Anyway, I think I can gradually learn my way through this. I was pleased to see that my layout stuff seems to have been unaffected. I made one button and placed it in the operations bar, and it's still sitting there looking pretty.

I think you should mention more about your Automatic Labeling addition. It's pretty extensive. I was expecting nothing more than file types. I didn't think you could make changes based on recent modifications or folder names.

I'm a little worried about the hotkey shortcut conflicts, though. As an example, Ctrl + D is in the File Display toolbar as "Add to Favourites", while it's also in the JMenu toolfar as "Select None". I'm not sure what'll happen if I press that hotkey. Should I go through and get rid of all the conflicts?

There's a lot for me to explore here, and I like what I'm seeing so far. I spent way too much time on this and I have to get going for now. Thanks for posting the updated stuff!

By now I think you have found many things the hard way!

You can type /dopusdata as a path to go to data directory where all (most) of these files go.

My toolbars are using large icons because liked them more like that but you can change it by right clicking on the dock panel select customize then you select the tool bar and change Image size to small. (!Documents/Toolbars.htm)

The color codes are excellent and after a week you will realize the productivity boost you gain. The original idea was not mine but I owe a big hug to the guy introduced it.
Any way,
All your hard drives have different letters,
All Executables are green so when you open a program's folder you find the program at once. You don't care about dlls, so dlls are gray and dim so your eyes skips them. you get the idea....

If you are working on a web-page project then html is light blue, css is light green, pngs are orange, php is yellow. Now is clear!

Once you get familiar you these color-codes you spot your files at no time.

Current Project ((.*).~$) ] is working if you add a '~' at the end of the filename of a folder then you get this yellow on blue background so you find what you are working on easily.

Same is the other filters that you are asking. I work on many projects on different fields so you may not use all of my labels.

All folders containing 2019 are also marked (see your folder School 2018-2019)
(next year you have to change the label yourself :smile:)

Also the 'modified' labels work great. If you work on a project and you want to upload just the files you edited earlier you just select the reds if you need more you select and yellows and so on...

I don't use shortcuts so I can't remember setting them up.
Normally I don't mess with the defaults. My menus are (ALMOST) like the originals but I just removed the labels to be more compact. than I close the defaults but I keep them as a reference.

Directory Opus has endless capabilities of customization to make it exactly as YOU want. Modify everything that you don't like until it is YOUR Directory Opus.

I use DO many years and I have spent many hours tweaking it. Although I think I'm a newbie in this community!

Give some time to your eyes to get used to the colors and I promise you will not regret it.

Also there are many great people here willing to help. If you have an idea just share it with the rest and you get the help you need to make it.

Take care!



OKAY. I give up. :wink:
I did everything I could but I can't get the fileformat to be applied, same for the dark icons. When I import them, nothing happens in the prefs. I copied the files in the folders, refresh, same.

This is frustrating. :nerd_face:

Edit: one crash later, filefformat styles are applied. :stuck_out_tongue: (Dopus never crashed on me, but a simple D&Drop was the end of it after all my tests I guess... :wink: ) Still no dark icons though.


Go to preferences>Toolbars>Icons and make sure that the Dark Blue set is the first on the list!

Good luck!


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Thanks! Sadly I must be missing something because Dopus don't want to import it. Tried to copy it too directly, refresh the list, nothing. :confused: I wonder why. :frowning:

Normally is very simple, just click import and select .dis file. the file is save into "/dopusdata\Icons" folder. then you just use the blue icons to put it on top of the list.


After some more tests with others packs, I'm pretty sure there is a problem with yours. The .dis simply don't import in the prefs, all is fine and working with the others. :cry:

I did redownload the files but it's not on my end (fiber connection, very good PC, etc.). When I import it, the copy is done to the dopus folder but it never shows in DOPUS prefs. :frowning:

It imports OK here, but I noticed this in the XML:

<iconset name="DOpusBasic">

That doesn't match the name of the icon set, so I'm guessing it was copy & pasted from another icon set and overlooked. If you have the other icon set with the same name, the two will conflict.

Thanks Leo! I fixed the file and I re-upload it!


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I'm very sorry Cafeine for the trouble I caused!
Is fixed now after Leo's suggestion.

Sorry again!

No worries, thanks for the support guys! All is fixed indeed now. Thanks again for your work! :slight_smile:

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I dont know how use the ConfigFiles.zip I like the color of the files.

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First of all backup your configuration in case something goes wrong

  1. type /dopusdata to move to your local folder

  2. replace ConfigFiles contents with the zip file contents

That 's it!


wow,thanks,its cool.

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Hello everybody! Version 13 is still in beta but I couldn't help it customizing my favorite theme!!!

Here is my theme file:
Johntor Dark Blue Theme.dlt (246.4 KB)

Many thanks to the Opus team for their great work (as always)!!!