How do I change the background colour of the path box?


I'd like to change the colour of the background of the path box (in breadcrumb mode) but cannot see how to do it. If I add the 'notheme' argument when customizing it, I can get it to change from very light grey to white but that's about it.

I gather it takes it's colour from 'System colors' but where are these and how do I change them. I've seen themes where someone has dual listers and the two path boxes are different colours:

for example, so I can see it must be possible.


No help? Should I be contacting via email or some other way for official support rather than posting here?

It's not possible currently, as the path field background comes from the Windows theme. The backgound is translucent so it should look reasonable over most colors, but it cannot be set to a custom color at this time.

We may add an option to do so in a future update.

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Hi Leo,

Thanks for the reply and explanation. At least now I know it can't be done I can stop trying :slight_smile: