Dark mode for forum?

Can we have a dark mode for this forum site please.

Yes go here: https://resource.dopus.com/my/preferences/interface and change your Theme.

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Does not make much sense to get blinded before you sign in. The bright white opening page before you can sign in is unbelievably bad for people with poor eyesight.

I agree, too bad that the Discourse keeps the dark mode preference tied to the account which then gets effective only after the login. There should be a dark theme quick toggle directly in the page header for instant relief.

I'd suggest you to try some browser plugin for dark theming any page (or whitelisted ones), that will also solve the problem on other pages such as e.g., news portals etc. too.

On another note, perhaps the GPSoftware could consider making the dark theme default here? Lots of forums have it default to dark so it wouldn't be unusual.

Many thanks, not only saved my eyeballs from melting but also prevents burn in on my Asus Swift 4K HDR. :slight_smile:

Done. I'd been thinking of doing it for a while now. Makes sense.

Existing users may still need to change to it (instructions above, if needed). But it's the default now for new accounts and if you're not logged in.

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So I'm stuck with the black page now until I'm logged in?

Yes, unless I can figure out a way to make it auto-detect based on the OS settings.

It is possible, as we have another website that does it. But I had a quick look and didn't find a working way to do it with Discourse, which the forum runs on.

Doesn't matter at all.
This should be easier on Leo's eyes at 4:00 AM London Time.
I'm logged in and I am keeping it as is.
Get proper sleep Leo.

It seems it should be possible, probably requires some fiddling for older instances of Discourse (auto dark mode defaults to enabled for fresh installs only, it says there).

Problem is it only switches colors, not the whole theme, and I think that will break some things.

Not nice, but I suppose I'll learn to live with it.

Or just log in. I've been logged into the forum on multiple devices for months/years without it ever logging me out. It doesn't seem like a problem, unless you're reading the forum on random public computers or something (which would be unusual).

You have to be logged in to post, so why not just stay logged in so you can choose your theme?

Just long held habit to not be logged in to something I'm not using I guess.

I might try it, but I'll probably put up with the black cartoon.

My opinion - I hate "Dark Mode". :eye: Must be an eye condition I have, but I find it very difficult to use. Not just on this site, but on all the sites that have switched over. I really wish there was a browser preference that one could set and then site developers would set the mode based on that preference.

Thank you for your time, I just wanted to voice my opinion in case any designers care.