Dark Theme inspired by Windows 11 Explorer

To revert theme changes back to the defaults:

  • Open Settings > Preferences.
  • Select the relevant page you wish to reset.
  • Use File > Reset Page To Defaults to reset it.
  • Do any other pages, then click OK.

Pages you may want to reset after using themes (depending on what you want to revert):

  • Display / Colours and Fonts
  • Display / Images
  • Display / Options
  • Miscellaneous / Sounds

Windows 11 Dark.dlt (106.2 KB)


Very simple and effective. I saw other dark themes, but none as simple as this one. Thank you.

Hi Thanks so much for taking time to make this.
It matches perfectly!

Question: How do I apply it to network lister panes(see the white pane)?

There's no way to change those special folders currently, as they're rendered by the Windows shell which doesn't expose any methods to change its colors. (We have an option to make it change the background color, but the text will still be black if you use that, so it's no use with inverted themes.)