Dark theme with raspberry touch

In my first post in the screenshot section, I mentionned it with a "strawberry" touch, but "raspberry" may be more accurate :slight_smile:
Here is the Theme file:
Neko DarkRaspberry.dlt (210.6 KB)
Nota: my theme uses a font called RobotoUI (It's a modded Roboto Condensed to use it with more ease system wide). You can just replace with Roboto Condensed in the font section in Opus (or whaterever font you like !).
The Roboto Condensed is freely available here : Roboto Condensed - Google Fonts

Here is also a demo lister layout designed for this theme:
Neko Red demo list.zip (1.3 KB)

EDIT : Modded from the skinz icons originaly posted here Fluent Style Icon Set
and with his kind permission, Raspberry dual tone icons are here :

And finally an other screenshot with the theme: