Fluent Style Icon Set

I created two icon sets in Windows 11's "fluent" style, one set of icons with color and the other with off-white. All icons are created at 32px (pixel perfect) and other sizes are simply scaled up or down from 32px.

Fluent icon set:
FLUENT.dis (1.8 MB)

Fluent UI White: (updated)
FLUENT_UI_WHITE.dis (635.0 KB)

Fluent UI for dark and light theme (:warning: Requires 13.0.41): (updated)
(Thanks to Leo for providing the example xml file)

FLUENT_UI.dis (1.2 MB)

I hope you like it... :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice icons, Installs instantly. Thanks! :smile:

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Very nice, thanks for sharing!

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I like it, thank you very much!

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Great icons!

I took the liberty of making a version Fluent UI which works with both light and dark modes, since we didn't have any examples of how to do that yet.

It turned out it required some changes on our side, which are in the beta we just put out.

It's up to you if you want to change the original/definitive set to work the same way. It does make startup a bit slower, as there are more icons to load, but only a fraction of a second.


Many thanks.

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@skinz the monotone are really something. Many thanks!
If you have time to spare, could you consider making a variation where the small icons are slightly larger (e.g. 25px or 26px)?

Here, I made a small icon with a size of 26 pixels.


This is the difference between 22 pixels and 26 pixels:

Hopefully it's as you expected... :slightly_smiling_face:


@skinz many thanks!

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Hi @skins this is an excellent icon pack

was wondering would it be possible to fix the "Go Forward" and "Go Back" icons to be consistent with the other icons (they are light grey which is very low contrast in light mode, but looks perfect in dark mode)

I don't use them, but there are a couple of other icons with this problem too: Favorites, Home, and Refresh

Hi, thank you for your nice words.
I just adjusted the color of the icons to the default dopus icon color.

If I change the icon color to black, the result will not be balanced with the default dopus icon. All the icons you mentioned are only for the File Display bar except the favorites icon.