Deaktivation of Autoscroll in List-View


even when i click on a half sighted file in list-view (i hope it's named that in english) dopus scrolls the folder to the left and opens a file a row right of the file i clicked. so even the wrong file is loaded! that is REALLY annoying because i always use listview.

pooh, my english is so bad, i did a video capture if you don't understand what i mean :laughing:

as you can see i click on "Grindfuckers lügen nicht" but the file beside "Sweet Grind Alabama" is opened - dopus.avi (800kb)

While I do not have the incorrect file selection problem, I would like to stop the auto right scrolling as well.


Raisers pointed out this problem some time ago.
[url]Autoscroll when clicked on a file moves list - very annoying]


but there's no answer for that problem, isn't it? (i don't understand everything)


This problem still exists.
There is no fix ( repair ) yet.