Default column width

love the program, used it for years and still cannot determine how to set up so all folders and listers and styles have the same column width.

I click on the column heading, select "more" go edit the column width and have tried to save under every conceivable option, but still defaults back to so other column width, confused.

The first reply in this thread should be all you need: save column width

The rest of the thread may also be useful if you get stuck, but shouldn't be needed unless you do.

sorry it is not checked and still does not work,. I seemed to have tried every conceivable option (and there are a lot - good and bad), cannot get it to stick to a set column widht

When you hover the mouse over the format lock on the status bar (just hover; don't click on it), what does it say?

(There's a screenshot of the kind of thing you should see in aussieboykie's post in that thread.)

The Current Folder Format comes from:

Dual Display in Lister style "Files + Software"

click on this padlock..etc

** Note "Files + Software" is one of my Lister styles

After you made sure auto-sizing was off, and changed the column widths, did you re-save the style?

well I went in and changed every style or lister (I am still not sure I understand the difference between the terms) and changed both left and right view to "custom" and selected "applies to all sub folders" and now it works. I just thought there was a global commnad as lots of editing as have several styles/listers, but I am probably missing soemthing