Default display, tabs

Hello there,
Thanks for a wonderful file manager.
I have three(simple) questions about functionality:

  1. I would like that Dopus opens always in the maximized mode (always in fixed the position).

  2. It would be great if Dopus could open folder location in a new tab, and not as a new window (as it does right now). In many programs their is option "open/show file location".

  3. Can Dopus highlight newest open tab/window, so I can always quickly navigate to tab/window in focus?

Thanks for help

  1. By default it should remember the state of the last window you closed. You can also fix a specific state so that is always used from then on (including window state, folder tab(s) open, and so on) via Settings > Set As Default Lister.

  2. Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

  3. Not sure what you mean, sorry. Could you start a separate thread with more detail of what you need to do? (Please Ask one question per thread .)

Thanks Leo, I have opened a new thread for the third question: