Default Icon Set Request

Hi there, I suppose this is aimed at Cris... re: the default icon set for Opus v11.

I was hoping someday you might consider both an alternate and new icon... An alternate 'Refresh' and possibly a new 'Home' button - stylized after the round blue nav buttons the way we'd see in various web browsers:


Wished for (but much better :wink:):

Hi steje,

You may not like square but you could download Square Colored Opus Mod by SigmaTau. He has a refresh and home button that matches the arrows.

The refresh and home icons are a little darker because I only modified the ones I needed (arrows) to be a little lighter. I added the refresh and home to give you an example :slight_smile:

This is just my opinion but making all buttons look alike can be a bad idea, for example for people with poor eyesight.

It'd be nice to see a 'flatter' set to match the new UI look that Microsoft are going with for Windows 10.

Thanks ktbcrash... I'm quite content with the default Opus icon set, but if Criss has neither time nor interest in providing some additional icons like those I've asked for, then sure - I may look at those.

My eyesight is fine thanks, and I wasn't asking for a change to the current defaults. The similarity of the buttons is fairly common in almost every web browser out there, and what I've asked for won't bother anyone who isn't interested in them. I was looking for an 'alternate' refresh button - lets call it refresh2, like is the case with other alternate versions of existing icons - and then for a new icon, let say it's called home.

I'd be surprised if we don't see somethign specific for Win10 at some point... whether someone will release a standalone icon set or wait for a new version of Opus to bundle once with - who can say :wink:.

The problem creating Win 10-like icons is, that MS actually changed the design to 2-colors since latest dev-build. So it's better to wait for the new final. BTW creating a default set isn't done in a few days.

Jeez ppl... I asked Criss if he'd consider 2 lousy icons based on the default icon set shipped with DO11. Not sure I understand what all the chatter is about.

Leo - feel free to lock the thread.

Why so cranky? What's the prob to draw the icon by yourself (just copy one of the arrows, remove the arrow and draw the circle).

Next thing is: I use also favs in that toolbar (that's why my iconset has got same style for these icons), another one usesa drivemenu... so where to end alternative icons?

Hmm. Well, it's simple really... I can't PM the person who the question was aimed at - disabled probably to avoid getting tons of requests like mine :frowning:. So I asked him for something specific - for MY wants, that won't affect ANYBODY who isn't interested.

I'm 8 posts in, and have alternatives, comments about how similar buttons are bad for ppl with poor eyesight, Windows 10 metro icons, critique on how long it takes to create new icon sets...

I don't ask for much on these forums, and have (I think) offered TONS and tons of help to ppl over the years, asking nothing in return. I made a request for 2 icons............... which if the person I asked is willing and has time, could certainly be provided as standalone ICO's and PNG's and thereby categorically not bother anybody at all.

So yeah - maybe a bit cranky - I'll give you that. But thanks for saving the best for last and suggesting that I just draw my own f~!@#$%^& icons myself. Man I sure hope my doctors don't tell me to operate on myself next week.............


I thought your request was quite reasonable to be honest, not sure why so many felt the need to attack you for it :slight_smile:

I had a go, and also made a blank version in case it helps fit a better arrow to it than I managed.

(Tried with a full circle around the arrow, but it had to be quite thin compared to the other icons, at least with the symbol/font I was using. Figured it fitted better with just the end.)


@Leo: Noticed the 22x22 are smaller than the ones in filedisplay. Does DO scale down the 32x32 to ~24x24 (did not measure)?

Not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?

Tested on 2 PC's. The reload is smaller (arrows are default icon set, reload PNG 22x22):

It doesn't do that here.

How are you adding the reload icon to the toolbar?

I choose picture (not set) and select the png.

Try turning off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard size. I think that's what is causing it.

That did the trick - I already searched for that option, but as the PNG is not larger than standard, there was no reason to think that it could be scaled down.