Default Lister

This seems to be very simple and Ive tried for 45 minutes now with very little change.

I have a Lister with Dual Horizontal Folders each with a folder tree. All I want is for my default lister to open with both folder trees having the "This PC" and "One Drive" expanded. no matter what I do it will not save this setting. Please help!

The Startup Folders FAQ should have all you need.

I agree. Should have all I need. I have done everything on there. Wont open the Lister with the folder trees expanded.

Opus 11 will remember which top-level tree items are expanded, however Opus 10 did not.

I have Opus 11. I have This PC and One drive expanded in both Folder tree. Once I close it and reopen it, they are closed again.

This PC isn't normally a top-level branch, but there is a special option to always have it expanded: Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Expand 'My Computer' when tree opens.

For other non-top-level branches, you'd need to have them selected as the starting folder for them to be expanded when the window opens. (Assuming Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Expand selected branch is on.)

Thanks Leo! That helped a bit, although OneDrive isn't an option for starting the folder tree.