Default sort by date taken doesn't work?

I want to set the default sort by date taken, but when I attempt to do this using the "Save for this folder and all sub-folders" using the "more..." option for columns, Opus doesn't apply this sort to all of the files within each sub-folder, and is even inconsistent in whether the file sort is normal or reverse order, regardless of the direction of the arrow on the "Date Taken" column. Can someone help me get Opus 10 to default sort files within sub-folders in ascending order?

Is the problem that some of the folders are getting a different format applied (e.g. the sort arrow is in a different column or different direction to the one you saved), or that the format is correct but the sorting doesn't appear to be doing what it's supposed to?

If it's the former, check under Preferences / Folders / Formats for formats which are saved for the child folders. (Or hover over, but don't click on, the format lock in the status bar to see a tooltip explaining where the format is coming from.) (The problem could also be that the format lock is turned on, which would mean saved formats are ignored entirely.)

If it's the latter, please try with the latest beta version (link is in my signature).

Thanks for the very quick reply! The problem is that the default sort (which I attempted to set as ascending by date taken) is not consistently applied when I open a folder that is supposed to be sorted in this way. For example, I have a folder "Images" within which are folders for pictures taken on various dates, each folder by named by date. I tried to have Opus apply the "Date Taken" ascending sort to all of the files within each of the folders in the "Images" folder so the files within each of the date sub-folders appear by time of day. However, sometimes the files are sorted in ascending order and for other folders the files are in descending order.

I looked at the Preferences/Folders/Folder Formats listing and I'm confused. Is this a list of the sorting and display formats that I've saved? I'm going to try to uncheck the subfolders under the main "Images" folder and see if this helps.

If you have formats saved for folders below the images folder then those formats will override the more general format for the images folder itself. That sounds like what was causing the problem.

Folder Formats: Detailed Guide goes into this in detail.