Default view mode

Sorry if this is too easy, but trying to find treatments of the topic here is just too difficult.
With all the tech geek-speak, it's barely English for me.

I'm trying to set my View Mode to Details so Opus remembers it.
Changing it manually from the drop-down View Mode menu does not preserve it.
The default always returns to Large Icons next time I display a listing.

I can't imagine why anyone would want Large Icons to be always displayed (might be wanted with image files or something).
I get sick and tired of changing it all the time.

And I've tried what I would think are the commonsense areas to look in Settings > Preferences; eg.:

  • Display > Options
  • File Display Modes > Details (you'd think there was an option to "Set as default" but, no).
  • Folders > Folder Display
    but I don't see any way to change things.

(in the process of trying, by attempting to follow advise in other threads here, I've deleted Large Icons from the View Mode list; can I restore that to the list easily?)

Can someone please give me simple instructions on how to set Details as the permanent default?
Thanks for help.

Please read the quick guide FAQ on this topic:

[url]Folder Formats: Quick Guide]

Also, you can set things in -> settings -> preferences -> folders -> folder formats -> default formats, where you
can set formats for several types of folders, like "local drives", "standard" or "removable drives". You can set each standard format to
use the details mode as the default, so if you have content type detection turned off, you have best chances to have all folder viewed in
details mode by standard.

I find it strange, that you find your folders in large icon mode, though, because i donĀ“t think the content type
detection would ever use the large icon mode, which rather use to be details or thumbnails, normally. Maybe you set it once to large icons & forgot about it?!

That's already covered in the guide you linked, FWIW.

Agreed, I don't think icon mode is used by default at all in Opus. Maybe thumbnails mode in folders containing images, via Content Types, but Content Types should be off by default these days as well (although it was on by default a year or so in the past, so may be relevant if the config in use dates back to then).

Thanks, abr
I used Leo's tutorial that you linked, and applied every step.
Hope that does the job.

Then I read your 2nd post and that method was one of the steps in the tut.
Does that mean all the other steps were unnecessary????

Anyway, I'll see how things go over the next week... that it works in all situations.

I wouldn't have set Large Icons myself previously.
Mainly because I never use it (not under XP, not under Win7).

You didn't mention how to put Large Icons back into the View Mode list but, no worries.
I'll skip it.

Thanks again, mate.
Have a good Christmas, when it comes. Or even before.

All the steps in the guide are potentially necessary (else they wouldn't be in the guide :slight_smile:), depending on exactly where the icon view mode was coming from.

You can reset your toolbar/menu by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing the Reset to Defaults option. Or, if you have other changes you don't want to lose, you can drag the Large Icon Mode command back out of the Customize dialog's Commands tab.