Defining auto-rename behaviour + other newbie questions

Some complete newbie questions (currently evaluating DOpus for my office):

I'm trying to get DOpus to behave the same way as Windows Explorer when copying a file within the same directory. In Explorer this results in the copy being named "copy of [filename]"; that is, without having to manually specify this name or click through any further dialogues/options. If that's not possible then I'd at least like to be able to define the behaviour of the "auto-rename" function (which currently appends a bracketed numeric suffix to the copied file - I don't know if that'a hard-wired behaviour or just the default.).

Other (more trivial) questions :

  • Can I load my own icon graphics to customise the interface?
  • Can the "drives" toolbar be customised to list only specified drives?

I'm not sure if you can make auto-rename fully automatic (i.e. not even a single prompt) or change the rename format it uses.

Yes. There are several ways to enter customize mode but the quickest was is to hold Alt down and then click on the button you want to edit. You'll see a dialog with the buttons icon, command, label, and so on. Click the icon to change it. Check out my Toolbar editing tutorial to quickly get up to speed. (It's video-only; no sound.)

Yes. You can do it by type of drive or explicitly include/exclude certain drive letters. See the "Go DRIVEBUTTONS" command in the manual for full details, but if you just want a quick way to restrict it to some drive letters you can change the command from the basic Go DRIVEBUTTONS to something like


which will only show the C and S drives.

You can give lots of other arguments to tweak the command, e.g.:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,-c,labels,lettersbeforelabels

That only shows harddrives ("fixed"), excluding C:, and also shows the drive labels but with the letters shown first.

If you really want to customize the drive-buttons (or just want to learn more about toolbar editing via a step-by-step tutorial), check out Gus's Triple Drive Buttons tutorial.

Thanks for the info. Maybe I should be directing my comments on the auto-rename functionality to some sort of wish-list?

The official wish list is here: