Delays with PaperPort Anywhere cloud connector

A month or so ago, around the beginning of the current beta torrent, I started to experience strange behaviour in Directory Opus.

I launched the thing and it would "hang", refusing to populate the display. Tree in the left, but nothing in the right-hand pane. Could not close it from the notification tray. Had to close the dopus.exe service

Launch it again, and it would behave.

But drill down, and the same hang would happen. Sometimes I ended up with a half a dozen Directory Opus windows open before I could reach where I wanted to land.

I raised it here and got the usual – and justified – response. Disable all network stuff and all the other things in the "General slowdown or instability investigation steps".

The same thing hit both of my Windows 7 machines, 64-bit and 32-bit.

I started to work down the long list. (It would be nice if there were some way to home in on possibly troublesome areas, rather than having to go through hundreds of networked shortcuts and links.) Didn't help.

On Sunday, just for the heck of it, I shut down all of my cloud services. (As a cheapskate, I like free and can get a sizeable cloud without paying a penny.)

Lo and behold, Directory Opus behaved all day. Not one hung launch.

This morning, I shut everything cloud like down again. All behaved well. Then I fired up Google's cloud, Google Drive. It "hanged." Did so even when all I had awake was Google's "Calendar synch". Shut that down, sorted.

It will take some work to pin this down to that place in the clouds, but the coincidence persuades me that I am on to something.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what might be happening, and how I can use Google Drive without bringing Directory Opus to its knees.

Try finding anywhere that Google Drive is displayed in Opus (folder tree, Computer folder) and configuring them not to show that type of device/folder. That may solve things, while still allowing you to navigate to Google Drive via other methods (e.g. a shortcut icon on your desktop, or maybe a toolbar button, but avoid the toolbar button to start with as something within Opus that is pointing at Google Drive may trigger similar delays).

FWIW, I've installed Google Drive to try but don't see anything like this. Your tree settings may be relevant although from what I can see GD just appears as a normal folder (kind of like Dropbox) so I'd be surprised if it really did cause any problems.

Just to add tuppence, I've been using Google Drive on 4 machines with Opus for some months and have never seen any issues. So, see if you can track it down to some specific function or feature or file type or specific proceedure with GoogleDrive.

To add my two cents, I recently installed GDrive on my PC at work to sync files from my portable drive to the cloud. I use my portable drive all day long at work so I wanted to make sure I never lose any of my 1000s of critical files. I found that if I'm using my portable drive updating files, GDrive attempts to update them to the cloud almost simultaneously. I have found that if GDrive is busy trying to upload, and then I save the file and move on to another file within my portable drive, on occasion DO would crash suddenly and without warning. When I paused GDrive from attempting any syncing to the cloud while working, I never experienced DO crashing. So I just let GDrive sync every morning before I start working on my files and before I leave from work, and in between I keep it paused.

It may be one of the other clouds. I am trying to narrow it down.

I also have Nuance Cloud drive, which is really the Gladinet "integrator" that also handles and Windows Live SkyDrive.

This mounts itself as a networked drive in DOpus.

I also have PaperPort Anywhere, a rebadged OfficeDrop toy that Nuance sells with PaperPort.

So here is plenty of room for something to screw up DOpus.

I think I have pinned this down to the PaperPort Anywhere cloud connector. Not one hang since telling that to sod off. Similar performance on two PCs.

This comes to use courtesy of OfficeDrop.

Given that Nuance does not provide anything that you would grace with the label "support", I doubt if there will be any response when I report this. But I will let them know. I might even let OfficeDrop know if I can work how to do that.