Delete Re-Direct

I ran across this problem some time ago. Pressing the delete key on my keyboard, wireless, coulds the app to perform a restore down on the window. I know the keyboard is good, because I've run across this problem on other keyboards, all wireless. I do not have a wired keyboard so I can't test if the problem is in my system, but since no other app in my system has a problem with the delete key, I believe my system is good.. Maybe its the way the app is translating the commands from my keyboard. The problem is only the delete key, no other keys are giving me a problems.

If there is way for me to send logs. Just tell me how to create or where to find the files to sent to you.

Check in the Keys tab if the delete key got redefined:


Here's a pic of the key tab under customize.

Looks okay. I guess it's a different program that intercepts the keystroke.

Admittedly, I am not totally sure what that is:

perform a restore down on the window

Try clicking the icon next to the search field ("Z" in a box) then push the Delete key in the field.

(The search done in the screenshot will find commands/descriptions with "delete" in them, rather than hotkeys involving the Delete key. The search field has two modes, which the icon next to it toggles.)


Can you explain the Z in the box. I see nothing like that on my Opus.

This is what the area around the search field look like.

And a little more detail about what to look for and or set that might fix the problem.

Thank you.

At the bottom of the Customize dialog (on the Keys tab), next to the search field.

Thank you for the reply.

The problem was solved by un-clicking Delete/Shift + Delete under the Toolbar section in the Key section in Customize.

After clicking on edit to look at the underlining script, this is what I found.

Option Explicit
Function OnClick(ByRef clickData)
	Dim v
	For Each v in DOpus.Viewers
	ClickData.Func.Command.AddLine("SET ListerCMD=Restore")
End Function

Am new at understanding scripts, but am I right in, this script is telling Opus to do something besides deleting files, etc.

Yes, I don't know why you'd have that on the Delete key. It would close all your viewers and then unminimize/unmaximize one of your listers.

It has to be one of the add-ons I got from the forum. It overriding the key for it own use.

If I can find the right add-on, maybe I re-direct it to another key.

Can you paste the right command or script that should be connected to that key. So I can correct the problem.

Also, is there a way to list all the add-on I would have installed in Opus. This would make it easy to find the problem.

Most of the add-ons are in the rename section, but I do have one installed I got from the forum that displays two viewers at the same time to compare pics. If there are any more installed, I don't them.

For now, I will leave that delete command un-click.

I just realize the problem may have been cause by a add-on I installed and remove later, for some reason, but the changes made by that add-on were left behind.

Thank you for your help.

Add-ins can't redefine hotkeys on their own. You must have configured it this way at some point, unless you imported a whole config backup from someone else (not generally recommended since you'll run into surprises like that where it changes things you didn't expect to be changed).

The script is inside the hotkey and self-contained, as well. It doesn't depend on any add-ins, so it's probably not part of one (although it could be related to one, e.g. to provide similar/related functionality that goes hand in hand with something else).

If you don't want the behavior on that key, just turn off (or delete) the hotkey entirely.

If you want it, but on another key, just edit the hotkey and change which key it is assigned to.

The Delete hotkey runs the delete command by default. (No extra arguments.)

Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts

Those would be Rename Presets, not Script Add-Ins. Two different things. Rename presets only affect renaming, and only do things when they are explicitly chosen. You don't normally need to worry about those.

If you find the forum post for that add-in (it should have a URL you can click if you select it in the Preferences dialog), you might find the same thread is where the hotkey came from. It would have been something that was setup manually/separately to the add-in, though, even if the code came from the same thread.

Of course you can run this little script from a hotkey or a toolbar, but by far the most convenient wa y is to attach it to the Images Group context menu.

Then you simply chose the two images you want to compare and open the context menu and run the script.

Compare Images In Viewer.dcf (4.1 KB)