Deleting files with LFN

Under Tools/Prefs/Files ops/Deleting files/Recycle Bin/Configure
I have untagged request confirmation.

Sometimes I got a
"Filenames too long for the recycle bin" or something like that.

Is there a way to get around that one ?

Once in a while I delete a big folder with many files.
DO first starts counting, usually I go on to do something else.
When I get (or switch) back I then notice that it has done nothing
but waiting for my "ok"


What would you want Opus to do instead?

It'd seem dangerous if it deleted the files without using the recycle bin & without asking even though it was configured to use the recycle bin.

The counting can be turned off, FWIW. Not much reason to have it on if you have the confirmations turned off (except that it'll make the progress bar a bit more accurate).

Sorry for the delay.

What I wud suggest is to have the donot ask option also applicable for LFN.
Right now, read only, thumbs.db are deleted without asking (when that is tagged).
This wud then also be applicable for LFN.