Deletion confirmation over progress dialog

I decided to upgrade to Directory Opus v12.25.3 Beta to see how it works on Windows 11 and have noticed a change when selecting more than one file and deleting or Shift>deleting.

I am not sure whether it is a bug or an intentional change.
Personally, I find it a bit off-putting.

This little background window sits behind the Confirm File Delete window.

Directory Opus File Delete Background Window


The second background progress window should only appear after one decides to actually go ahead with the deletion, by clicking the 'Delete' button. If you decide to cancel then it really wasn't necessary to show the progress window to begin with. Just makes sense to have progress window appear after you've confirmed delete operation, or not at all if you end up aborting.

Also when deleting using the keyboard (Del then Space) the second progress window can occasionally steal the focus of the first dialog box causing the space bar to do nothing, when space bar should be pressing the 'Delete' button.

Thanks for the feedback, yonder.
Considering the fact that this doesn't happen for a single file deletion (only multiple), I am guessing that it is a bug.

This is not new to me, been happening for months now. I am always on the latest beta version. I feel like this has been talked about on the forum before but I can't find the thread ATM... So, may be intentional?

I have only just started using beta versions, so yes, it may have been introduced in other beta versions, but I can tell you that this doesn't occur in release version 12.25.

I'm starting to think this is a bug.

I ask the DOpus developers to install and observe the clear difference in behavior in versions 12.17.0 and 12.17.1 beta.

Questions for DOpus developers:

  1. If this was an intentional change, what's the reasoning behind it?
  2. Why no explicit mention in the changelog?


Could you post a screenshot of your Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators page please?

Here are my Progress Indicator settings for both v12.25 Build 7942 and v12.25.3 Build 7981 Beta.
A quick comparison of both settings appear to be the same. In fact, I don't ever recall going into those settings before. The first image is the release version without any issue, and the second image is the beta version with the file and folder deletion issue.

I have just reverted my computer from Directory Opus v12.25.3 Build 7981 Beta to v12.25 Build 7942, and the problem has gone.

same settings (i think i never changed anything in this area), same behaviour. on my side it is started with the last beta (v12.25.3.0.Beta) and i never had before, pictures of the last 2 betas below:

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Thanks everyone, I think we finally have a handle on this.

The actual bug was introduced in 12.17.2 from what I can tell - but the key is, it only affected people who weren't using the (at the time) most recent version of Windows 10 or better.

It showed up recently for people using 12.25.3 because of a different bug in that version which meant the version of Windows was being misidentified (and therefore triggering the bug from 12.17.2).

Please try 12.25.4 which we'll put out in the next day or so and let us know if it still happens after that.


Thanks, Jon & everyone.
Looking forward to the update.

beta.4 build 7998 works fine, thanks

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The delete problem is fixed in v12.25.4 Build 7998 Beta.
Thanks all.

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That did the trick, thanks again!