Details+Thumbnails loading windows mapp icon before Dopus icon

Thumbnails and Details+Thumbnails:
When you use Dopus own folder icon, the Windows folder icon is loaded before Dopus has finished reading what the folder contains. Isn't it better to draw DOpus own folder icon from the start and then fill it with thumbnails afterwards. It doesn't look very nice when there are different designs on the folder icon for up to several seconds in every folder you go into. Most of the time he only has time to load the windows folder icon before it is replaced.
Or is it just a setting I've missed? Has these settings:


I also experienced the same problem but only a few times, not continuously.

For me, the change of icon flashes in almost every folder I go into, and varies depending on what's in that subfolder which doesn't read slowly. If there are many images (100s, not thousands) or similar, the windows icon can remain for 1 second sometimes. Have an AMD Ryzen 5 7600 with m.2 SSD so it's not the computer that's slow.
Here is a screen shot before it loads an mp3 folder and then a screenshot 0.5 sec after.


I'm just wondering if you have looked into this problem I have? Or missed the thread? And if you have been able to recreate it? Sorry if I tag you for this, but it's a bit annoying that it flashes to an icon and then it is replaced immediately.

It's normal, and hasn't changed in many years as far as I can think.

Thumbnails can take a long time to generate, so they're generated on a background thread, and icons are displayed while waiting for them.

Okay. I haven't used Thumbnails+Details that much before but mostly used Details only.

But it is possible to have DOpus own folder icon while the folder contents are loaded instead of Windows mapp icon. Then you don't see when it changes in the same way, when it has read in and created thumbnails that are supposed to be in the folder icon.
Just a thought?

I made one anim-gif for another thread so I'm reposting what the problem looks like so others can see if this is the case for others.
Look at the folders at the top, not the zip files.
I don't want to go back to just running Details, but probably almost have to if it can't be resolved.