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Deutsch - German (Germany)

Deutsch - German (Germany)

Please report any problems with the translation here.

Very minor: Einstellungen -> Voreinstellungen -> Ordnerstruktur -> Aussehen -> Baumstrukturstil -> "Visuellen stil" should read "Visuellen Stil".

Einstellungen - Voreinstellungen -> Ordnerstruktur -> Optionen -> Horizontales Scrollen -> "Scrollen bei DragDrop verhindern".

This looks strange. Maybe "Drag and Drop" or "Drag & Drop" would look better.

Some more errors (ignored non-translated strings):

Dateianzeigen > FAYT & Filterbar Options > Direktsuche Filtermodus > Erstes passende Objekte auswählen
Suggestion: "Erstes passendes Objekt auswählen"

Dateioperationen > Attribute kopieren > Kopieren Sie alle NTFS-Datenströme
Suggestion: "Kopiere alle NTFS-Datenströme" o. "Alle NTFS-Datenströme kopieren"

Dateioperationen > Attribute kopieren > Besitzer kopieren (Hinweis: Benötigt Anhebung)
Question: What is "Anhebung" (Adminrights?)?

Dateioperationen > Attribute kopieren > Zugriffsrechte/VerschlĂĽsselung...passe...
Suggestion: Sentence too long.

Doppelklick auf Dateien > Internen Bildbetrachter benutzen fĂĽr > Bildtypen/Bildateitypen
Suggestion: Either "Bildtypen" or "Bilddateitypen"

Inline umbenennen > Dateien__bei Namenskonflikten automatisch numeriererer
Suggestion: Two spaces at "__" and "numerieren"

[quote="Sasa"]Dateioperationen > Attribute kopieren > Besitzer kopieren (Hinweis: Benötigt Anhebung)
Question: What is "Anhebung" (Adminrights?)?[/quote]

Yes, that's the UAC. In lack of a better translation, i think this one is ok.


[quote]Dateioperationen > Attribute kopieren > Zugriffsrechte/VerschlĂĽsselung...passe...
Suggestion: Sentence too long.[/quote]

Looks alright here, the sentence is complete. Maybe a high DPI problem?

Nobody uses/knows "Anhebung", would use "UAC-Rechte".

Sentence is too long here... using 3440x1440@125%. Nothing dramatically.

Different DPIs can cause a different font (both name and point size can both differ) to be used by dialogs (same for parts of Windows itself), which rather complicates the widths of some controls.

We're looking into making this easier by having some types of control resize themselves at runtime. Won't fix everything (e.g. if the window isn't large enough) but will hopefully mean there are only a tiny number of things that need fixing, instead of lots at the moment. It'll also fix the opposite problem of lots of clickable empty space on the right of some checkbox controls.

For reference, Markus Nerding from H&P is the translator for the Deutsch version and I've dropped him a note in regards to this thread, and asked him to keep an eye on it and advise of the changes he recommends.

Thanks a lot for the comments. I will take care for the corrections/changes next time I get access to the Passolo translation file by GP.

Another correction:

In statusbar "Fil 'zeigen"

Voreinstellungen - Ordner - Ordnerverhalten

[] Lassen Sie ma jährlichen Sortierung in allen Ordnern (nicht alle Ordner haben Sortierreihenfolge)


nicht vollständig, vergrößern bis ende der anderen felder (dialog4410)
not completely, zoom until the end of the other fields (dialog 4410)

position der felder nicht gleich (feld verschoben) (dialog 288 + dialog 367)
entweder das eine nach links oder das andere nach rechts
position of the field is not equal to (field shift) (dialog 288 + 367)
either the one to the left or the other to the right


Several translations reported here and/or H&P did not made it into final version (e.g. this one: [url]Deutsch - German (Germany)]).

Sasa - could you please discuss these with Markus at H&P and I can send him a new translation bundle for corrections.


New in version 12. 5.

Einstellungen/Voreinstellungen/Favoriten & zuletzt verwendet/Labels

In Label-Salte anzeigen

should read

In Label-Spalte anzeigen

"Umbenennen" See attached photo: "Current Name" is not translated.

Thanks. We've fixed this for next release.

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