Digging down directory trees in lister (Autodialogs)

I would like to be able to use the incredibly useful Autodialogs program from Metaproducts to allow quick navigation through the several layers of the directory tree needed to set a second lister as destination for drag and right click 'save' and 'move' operations. I have so far found no short cut in Opus to allow such quick navigation to pre-saved favourite destination folders. Autodialogs allows this in most other programs with 'save' and 'open' functions, by inserting an Autodialogs button on the menu bar whenever a 'save' or 'open' command is invoked. Clicking this button super-imposes a dilaog allowing the focus of the host program to be switched instantly to a favourite and previously registered folder chosen from the dialog window.

Does anyone know how to do this within Directory Opus or how Autodialogs program itself might be used in conjunction with Opus? :bulb:

Is Dopus 'favorites' which can be shown in the folder tree not sufficient for drag and drop copy/move operations of this nature? Not sure if you're familar with opus 'favorites' or not...

You can also make buttons on the toolbar (or a hotkey or whatever) which make Opus go to whatever directories you like. If you drop files on these buttons it has the same effect as dropping files on the directory itself, without having to open it. (Same should be true of the favorites list/menu.)


Many thanks to both of you. I was simply missing the obvious!

I somehow thought the favourites box was to do with internet favourites (not of interest to me within DOpus) and had not noted its actual function. It is so easy to add the active lister location as a favourite folder. In fact the DOpus implementatrion of this is far simpler than the Autodialogs procedure.

However, I can heartily recommend Autodialogs to provide the same functionality from within almost any other program on my PC which utilises the WinXP system open or save dialogs.


I'm an AutoDialogs user too. Together with Directory Opus they both save my sanity drilling down through folders.

Anyway, you can setup AutoDialogs so that you can chose a folder from its list at the tray, and in turn, this will launch a Lister and take you to that folder within the Lister.

I think it's via AutoDialog's:
Open a new window folder

It seems like AutoDialogs is a nifty application... and not to take away from any of it's usefullness to it's fans, but as far as easily opening listers to favorite folders, you can also do this just as easily with Dopus... you can add 'Favorites' to the Dopus system tray icon, or raw 'Go' statements to take you to any folder you want like Nudel mentioned for toolbar buttons...

The above is very true - but you can't use Directory Opus to jump down layers of folders from an Open, Browse or Save As dialog box from whatever application you are in - which is AutoDialogs key feature.

If you have AD and DO you end up maintaining two sets of Favorites lists. But if you try and maintain one set under AD you can also jump to Favorites through DO by making AD launch a Lister, that's all.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of both DO and AD. After years of being peeved off with navigating through Windows Explorer, it's now great having a way of working smarter.

Have you seen the DOpus Favorites tool in the downloads section?

resource.dopus.com/modules/mydow ... d=3&lid=46

"Use the Favorites system of Directory Opus in Explorer - especially in the standard Open/Save File Dialog."

You can probably use TweakUI to change one of the side buttons (in the newer Open/Save dialogs) to jump directly to the Opus favorites section.