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Directory Opus 10 Default XL Toolbar Icons - 250 icons!


by Cris van Minnen

Preview (click to enlarge):

A brand new high-res version of my Default Directory Opus 10 Toolbar Icons (size 48x48; 250 icons).

Now available for all Directory Opus users!

Your toolbars will automatically use the icons after installing them (when using Large icons):

  • To install the set, download the zip file and extract the .dis file from inside it.
  • Go to Preferences > Toolbars > Icons, click the Import button and choose the .dis file.
  • Move it to the top of the list, so it takes priority over the other icon-sets you have installed.

Default (306 KB)

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These are great. Thanks!

You forgot the Drive Buttons though.


Hi, Chris,
thanks, these are very nice... May I use them in an open source application? Can you please contact me regarding this topic?

Thanks in advance, regards,


many thanks for these :slight_smile: