Directory Opus 10 now available!

Directory Opus 10, a major new version, has just been released.

See the announcement for more information.

I am just posting this here for a few days so the people who only read the Help & Support forum do not miss the news.

I tried to purchase a license using the Paypal payment but does not work ... anyone has tried?

Same issue here. I have sent a support request for this.

Sorry about the PayPal glitch, it should be fixed now. You should also have received an email which would have a working paypal link in it.

Now works....Thanks

PayPal? I had no problem with a proper payment system. (Visa)

I want to complain. (No, I haven't tried it yet.) Thanks to the collapse of the world's finances since I last paid, the Australian economy has become the envy of a lot of the world. So the exchange rate is a bugger for the rest of the planet.

Worse still, GPSoftware doesn't even get the benefit of the turmoil wrought by an idiotic wunch of bankers in the USA, lending money to people who never had a cat in hell's chance of paying it back.

Now off to play with the new toy.

this is one program i can't live without. I'm going to try it on a test machine and will likely be upgrading very shortly.

I get a huge value from this program and appreciate all your efforts!

I'll also be upgrading my corporate licenses too. Woot!

By the way, are there any screenshots anywhere?

I really want to see the new copy dialog box.

[quote="jimerb"]By the way, are there any screenshots anywhere?

I really want to see the new copy dialog box.[/quote]

I think the only one there shows it with the Copy Queue open at the bottom. Normally it's just the top half.

i was waiting for this new release for a long time, since i've Windows7 !
I love it ! Great job ! :slight_smile:

I too would like some more screenshots of the copy queue.

It looks like it has been added to file copy dialogue which is unfortunate... My biggest issue with Directory Opus 9 is that the copy dialogues obscure the lister you were working on so you have to move them before you can carry on working. I put in a feature request to have them attach to the bottom of the lister window or something. With queues I thought they would fix this problem because the first thing you want to do after starting a queued copy is go back to the lister.

Is it that much trouble to click minimize once?

I would rather minimize the progress dialog -- and track its progress using the Windows 7 taskbar -- that than have space in the lister carved out to display background progress information.

It would not make sense to put the progress information in the lister anyway. The same copy queue can be added to by multiple windows.

You misunderstand. I agree that the new Windows 7 taskbar progress display is ideal for this sort of thing, but what I was trying to say is that ideally the copy progress window would dock with the bottom of the lister. It would remain a separate window, just open in a more sensible position where it doesn't cover the lister.

Okay, it is one button to minimise, but does it pop back up if you add items to the queue? Do I now have to un-minimise it to access the buttons in the dialogue? These questions are why I want more screenshots and explanation of how it works.

Why not simply try it?

I would have to download, install, restore my Opus 9 toolbars, check it out and then if it isn't what I want uninstall it, re-install Opus 9, re-import my settings and re-enter the license code. All to check something that should (IMHO) be part of the release announcement. This is a major new feature, for me the main reason to consider updating, and it is hardly documented at all.

You'll have to wait for the tutorials & videos to be made, then. But since you've got such particular requirements I can't imagine anything but trying it yourself will tell you whether or not it works how you want it to.

Sod it, I'll install it in a VM some time and post back here.

Well, I've had Directory Opus installed on my machines since the days when it was written for the Amiga. From my Amiga 500 through my Amiga 1200, on to my souped up, Amiga 4000 with Mediator, Voodoo PCI, Radeon GFX etc etc etc... it was beautiful then, it is beautiful now! :smiley:

Just upgraded to Opus 10 and so far the ONLY problem I have found with it is that the Windows Task Bar Icon (and therefore program icon) still says Opus9, not Opus10 !!!! hahah :slight_smile:

Love it :slight_smile:

Sam / Bifford the Youngest.

That's actually a bug in Windows. :slight_smile: You can fix it with my Clear Icon Cache tool.

That's actually a bug in Windows. :slight_smile: You can fix it with my Clear Icon Cache tool.[/quote]

Now this is one reason I love DOpus, and have done since the start - I sent an email to the dopus team two hours ago, and registered and posted here two hours ago. Two hours later I have a reply email from Jonathan Potter, and a reply from Leo here, both giving the same reply on how to solve the icon issue. Sweet! :slight_smile:

Thank you both! :slight_smile:
Sam / Bifford