Directory Opus 12 Public Beta

NOTE: The beta period has been extended; if your beta certificate is close to expiring you can get it renewed here.

GP Software are proud to announce that a public Beta of Directory Opus 12 is now available for all interested Opus 11 users.

We are still several months away from finishing Opus 12 and this is very much pre-release software, with lots of untested changes. The release date and pricing (beyond what's mentioned below) are yet to be decided.

Before installing the Beta please note the following conditions:

  • This is a very early beta release. There will be bugs. Some graphics are still placeholders. Errors and omissions excepted. Use at your own risk!
  • Initially the beta is only available in English; other languages will become available progressively as they are translated. We will post below whenever new translations become available. Note that if you have a special "Chinese-only" version of Opus you unfortunately won't be able to use the beta until the Chinese translations are available.
  • The preliminary release notes are linked below as a PDF, and can also be found in the F1 help file installed with the Opus 12 beta (in the Release History section). Other than these notes, the help file/manual has not yet been updated; this will be done progressively over the Beta period. Feel free to ask on the forum for help with any particular features.
  • You should make a backup of your Opus 11 configuration before installing the Beta.
  • A time-limited certificate will be issued free of charge for the duration of the Beta period; however, when the certificate expires you will need to purchase the Opus 12 upgrade or revert to Opus 11.
  • Opus 12 will be a paid upgrade. Depending on when you purchased Opus 11 you may qualify for a free upgrade - the exact cut-off date has not been decided, but anyone purchasing Opus 11 after the announcement of this public beta will definitely qualify for a free upgrade to Opus 12.

Registered and evaluation users of Opus 11 can obtain their certificate for the Beta here.

Please report any problems you encounter with the Beta (or other feedback) on the forum as usual.


Summary of the major improvements and new features in Opus 12

  • Full support for high-DPI (e.g. 4K and 5K) monitors.
  • Redesigned Rename dialog, with new features like:
    • A unique macro recorder, which lets you perform complex batch renames without regular expressions.
    • Enhanced scripting capabilities.
    • Better handling of recursive renames and filename clashing.
    • An Apply button which lets you perform multiple renames without closing the dialog.
  • Improvements to the Image Viewer including:
    • Configurable toolbar and hotkeys, including the ability to run arbitrary commands on the current image file.
    • A new image marking system which makes it much easier to sort through a folder of photos to identify the ones you want to keep, print, share, etc.
    • A read-ahead cache for faster image loading.
    • An integrated metadata panel which lets you edit EXIF and other metadata from within the viewer.
  • Enhanced file and folder labels including:
    • The ability to assign more than one label at once (label attributes are combined).
    • Label categories (lets you organise your labels into groups).
    • Adjustable label priority (for when more than one wildcard or filter label applies to a file)
    • A new status icon system that lets you assign one or more status icons to each files (e.g. to track which files are ‘done’, ‘watched’, ‘urgent’ or ‘to-do’).
  • A manual sorting mode that lets you sort your files and folders exactly how you want.
  • An integrated dialog editor that lets scripts create their own complex user interfaces.
  • File display enhancements including:
    • Vertical folder tabs (displayed down the left or right side of the file display).
    • You can assign your own tab colors for specific folders.
    • Optional vertical as well as horizontal gridlines.
    • Relative size and age graphs displayed as the background of size and date fields (rather than requiring their own column).
    • A new “show everything” mode to quickly disable all filters.
  • Improvements to Folder Options including:
    • Configure column widths to expand and fill the usable space in the file display.
    • A column filter makes it easier to find and add the columns you want.
    • File and folder name filters can be configured using regular expressions if desired.
  • File copy improvements including a transfer speed graph in the progress dialog.
  • Toolbar enhancements including scrollbars and distinct labels in drop-down menus.
  • Lister layouts can now be arranged into folders and sub-folders.
  • … and as always, much, much more!

See the Preliminary release notes (PDF, 80 pages) for much more detail!

An updated beta (12.0.2) is now available, which fixes a few glitches reported in some of the new features.

Summary of changes in 12.0.2 Beta

  • Fixed a crash that could occur on startup with certain malformed icon sets.
  • If the viewer toolbar is turned off it will now be automatically turned back on if the user selects a new toolbar in Preferences. Also the window menu of the viewer now has a command in it to toggle the menu bar on and off.
  • The filter toolbar fields which were removed in the 12.0 Beta have been resurrected.
  • Drive selector comboboxes on toolbars can now display drive labels in the combo itself, like they already did in the drop-down menu, if you add labels to their Args field.
  • Added RENAME PRESET command nofaves keyword.
  • The Properties SETLABEL command wasn't correctly handling clearing labels in one category (e.g. colors) while leave those in others (e.g. status) intact.
  • A button that runs Properties SETLABEL=blah was incorrectly generating a list of labels on the toolbar.
  • Improved default toolbar command to open an Explorer window, by using the full path to Explorer.exe.

Beta 3 (12.0.3) is now available.

Summary of changes in 12.0.3 Beta

  • Added an Undo feature to the Rename dialog. After you click Apply to apply the current rename settings, the Apply button grows a drop-down that lets you undo the most recent rename.
  • Added Select DESELECTOTHERTYPE argument; when using a type filter (e.g. TYPE=dirs) or ALLFILES/ALLDIRS, it causes all items not matching the type to be deselected.
  • Made changes to prevent the problem of accidentally copying a file over itself (via a network share) resulting in data loss.
  • F10 info in the viewer now includes the filename in full-screen mode.
  • The Show command now supports embedded commands so you can do something like Show [Show VIEWERCMD=meta] to open the viewer and turn the metapane on.
  • Fixed glitch in Customize/Menus tab where some errant controls were appearing when the dialog was resized.
  • Fixed a bug which meant no more renames would work after clicking Apply in the Rename dialog if the rename had moved files into sub-folders.
  • Rename Find&Replace mode didn't work if the replace string was empty.
  • Show VIEWERCMD=meta was missing from the argument template.
  • Fix for dark/overprinted combobox labels in the Find panel (and possibly other places).
  • Lister warning messages now remove blank lines, and then linefeeds entirely, if the messages is too tall for the available space. In particular, this helps with the auto-loading message in some situations.
  • Fixed the shadows of lister warning boxes sometimes getting out of position on the lower file display.
  • Fixed the shadows of lister warning boxes attached to inactive tabs appearing on top of the active tab.


Beta 4 (12.0.4) is now available.


This version includes translations for English, French, Spanish, Greek and Japanese. Other languages are in translation and will be made available as they are completed.

8th April update: Dutch added.
11th April update: German and Hungarian added.
12th April update: Swedish added.
22nd April update: Norwegian added.
25th April update: Polish added.
30th April update: Russian and Spanish (Mexico) added.

Please report any translation issues using the Opus 12 Beta Translations area.


Changes in 12.0.4 Beta:

  • Fixed image viewer crash when marking a file which could not be thumbnailed.
  • Fixed crash in 32-bit builds when opening Folder Options or the Preferences pages for the Status Bar or Icon Sets.
  • User commands can now query the state of the image viewer, allowing for more complex commands to be assigned under Preferences / Viewer / Mouse Buttons. As an example, this could be bound to a mouse button to make it toggle between 100% zoom and Grow To Page modes:
    @if:Show VIEWERCMD=zoom,reset
    Show VIEWERCMD=zoom,grow
    Show VIEWERCMD=zoom,reset
  • Fixed crash if a script closed the sync panel and then the dual file display, in very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed blank dropdown controls in the Create New FTP Site dialog.
  • Fixed problem with Properties SETLABEL !submenu command generating errant buttons on the toolbar.
  • Fixed redundant small letters appearing over Go DRIVEBUTTONS icons if the individual buttons had labels off but the toolbar's override forced them on.
  • Fixed the new Go DRIVEBUTTONS=iconletterson and iconlettersoff arguments not being present in the Command Editor menus.
  • Fixed some minor cosmetic issues with drop-down controls in the script dialog editor and also the dialogs it generates.
  • Fixed a checkbox in the Edit Tab Group dialog moving around when the dialog was resized.
  • Fixed collapsible grouped list controls on Windows XP. On XP, these lists remain grouped but the groups are always expanded. (In general, we aim to keep Opus functioning on Windows XP but will not waste time making things perfect for it. Windows XP is so old that Microsoft no longer release security updates, and debugging tools have not worked on it for years.)


Beta 5 (12.0.5) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.5 Beta:


  • Beta translations added for Dutch, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and (new to Opus 12) Spanish for Mexico. These add to English, French, Greek, Japanese and Spanish for Spain support from previous betas. (More languages and updates are in the pipeline. Some new functionality may still be in English.)
  • Please report translation issues via the new Opus 12 Beta Translations area of the support forum.
  • New icons throughout the program by Cris van Minnen:
    • Internal toolbar icons are now in two flavors: Flat is the new style and fits in with Windows 8 and Windows 10. Glass is the old style and fits in with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    • Your Windows version decides the style by default, but you can override it by going to Preferences / Toolbars / Icons, selecting the Internal Icon Set and clicking the Icon Style button.
    • Other icons used throughout the program are in the new flat style, and most icons now have high DPI variants. (Icon DPI scaling is handled automatically and not something you need to configure.)
    • The internal toolbar icons include high DPI images as well as several new icon categories. If you have previously installed Cris's icon sets from the forum, or sets based on them (e.g. "Icons for ultra high definition monitor 4K"), you may wish to review what you have installed and delete any sets which are now redundant, to avoid wasting memory and ensure the best quality icons at all DPIs.
  • You can now import icon sets by via drag & drop to Preferences / Toolbars / Icons. Various other minor improvements to the same UI.
  • Preferences now tells you the file location of external icon sets when they are selected. In particular, this helps understand where an icon set is coming from if it's part of a script .OSP package.
  • Fixed (uncommon) 8-bpp icon sets turning black if DPI scaled. (Affected "A-Z (Grey).dis" from the Alphabet Icons collection on the forum.)
Image Viewer
  • Fixed crash when loading a new list of pictures into an existing standalone viewer (via drag & drop, or via double-click with the recycle viewer option on).
  • Fixed inverted colors in some CMYK JPGs.
  • Fixed viewer not refreshing properly when toggling the alpha channel, changing gamma, and similar.
  • The Marked panel no longer takes the focus when it opens automatically.
  • Fixed viewer image-marking when in the root of a drive. (The %F code for marked picture collections now has the :\ stripped from path roots.)
  • AcitveX viewer workaround for Windows Media Player bug on filesystems with short paths disabled.
  • Toolbar buttons in the viewer now work when shift or control are held down (and qualifiers are passed through to scripts correctly).
  • Added Show VIEWERCMD=selectfile command to select the viewer's current file in the folder tab it came from.
  • For script functions launched from the viewer, the clickData.func.sourcetab property is now set to the original source folder tab (if any) which launched the viewer.
  • You can now copy files to the clipboard from the marked pictures pane in the Viewer (via right-click context menu, or Ctrl+C).
  • Marking a picture in the viewer now scrolls the mark pane to show the picture's thumbnail (if it was out-of-view).
  • You can now disable internal image viewers via Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: viewer_disable_internal. For example, this allows you to divert the TIFF viewer to a third-party ActiveX control which handles multi-page TIFFs.
  • You can now block the Movie plugin from handling certain extensions (even if their registry information specifies they are video types) by adding them to the list of extensions with a ~ before them. For example .avi,.mpg,~.wmv would tell the plugin to handle .avi and .mpg but ignore .wmv files.
  • Show commands with embedded functions now work when launched via filetypes. e.g. To open the viewer and then open the metadata panel within it:

    Show [Show VIEWERCMD=meta]

  • The Rename macro builder now shows an indication of the current caret position in all other filenames.
  • Fixed bug in Rename when combining Find & Replace with sequential numbering, and the "replace string" was empty.
Find Filters and Pattern Matching
  • In standard pattern matching, ~* ("not anything") will now match an empty string.
  • Fixed Date clauses in advanced Filter controls not displaying correctly when in "before" and "after" modes.
  • In advanced Filter controls, dropdown lists did not show a scrollbar when their contents were too large and it was not possible to view all available options.
Labels, Status Icons and related columns
  • Advanced Find, searching by Label, now correctly matches label filters.
  • The Label column now shows any wildcard/filter labels that match a file, as well as specifically assigned labels.
  • Sorting by the Status column is now reliable.
  • The list of Labels in Preferences wasn't properly sorted in group order when initially displayed.
  • The list generated by Properties SETLABEL=!submenu now puts labels which are in categories above uncategorized labels. (Previously they were intermixed.)
  • Added a new Properties SETLABEL=!submenu2 mode which puts uncategorized labels in an Uncategorized category.
  • The LABELCATEGORY argument for Properties SETLABEL can now match uncategorized labels using the pattern ~* (which means "not anything").
  • The Properties SETLABEL command now supports embedded commands. As an example, the command below will generate a menu of Status Labels where selecting a label will toggle it on the selected files and then, thanks to the embedded command, turn the Status column on so that you can see the result.

    The first line of the command comes from the default toolbars. The new part is what comes after it in the [ ... ] embedded command section.


Other file display columns
  • Configurable field justification is no longer allowed for the Filename column (since it doesn't work properly).
  • Date-time columns now work better when left or center justified.
  • Columns set to Fit or Fill are no longer resized while column headers are being resized manually; they now update their widths when the mouse button is released.
  • Set COLUMNSADD is now capable of changing the auto-size and max-size properties of existing columns without changing their positions. For example, Set COLUMNSADD=name(!,a,0) will set the Name column to auto-size with no maximum width.

    If you're using the new Fill, Expand and Collapse column modes, you may want a quick way to switch everything to auto-size. The following script auto-sizes all columns if any have their widths restricted, and otherwise will reset the folder format (including columns and column widths) to what a new window would show for the folder.

    Script Type: JScript

    function OnClick(clickData) { var anyColumns = false; var cmdLine = "Set COLUMNSADD="; for(var e = new Enumerator(clickData.func.sourcetab.format.columns); !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) { var col = e.item(); if (!col.Autosize || col.Max != 0) { if (anyColumns) cmdLine += ","; cmdLine += col.Name; cmdLine += "(!,a,0)"; // Keep position. Auto-size. No maximum. anyColumns = true; } } if (!anyColumns) cmdLine = "Set FORMAT=!folder"; clickData.func.command.RunCommand(cmdLine); }

Favorites and Layouts
  • The Favorites list (shown in menus) now displays only the folder name instead of the full path, for items without a specified name (to match what happens in Preferences).
  • Fixed Favorites menu only handling embedded commands and '&' label prefixes at the top level and not in sub-folders.
  • When opening layouts, listers whose titlebars are completely off-screen will now be moved on-screen, to help with layouts saved under different monitor configurations.
  • Fixed Settings > Backup & Restore not including layouts which were in sub-folders in the backup.
  • When re-saving an existing lister layout that was loaded from a sub-folder, the full path (including the sub-folder) is now included in the default filename field.
  • When the layout name is displayed in places like the Lister title bar, it now includes any sub-folders.
  • The options to change colours, images, etc. on the Customize / Context Menus are back again. (They were hidden in error.)
  • Fixed potential crash if you reset a toolbar to factory defaults while the search field had focus.
  • Fixed crash if a button contained a line with just "@ifset:" on its own. (The line makes the command invalid, but should not cause a crash.)
  • Fixed button editor duplicating the next line if you double-clicked the end of a line, and then crashing if you clicked OK.
  • When toolbars are backed up and reset due to a new major version (e.g. 11 to 12; not 12.x to 12.y), the "always enabled hotkeys" list is now also reset to avoid ending up with clashing hotkeys due to a mixture of old and new toolbars.
  • Added script Lister.utilpage property which lets you query the current utility pane page (could already do this via IsSet but this is easier).
  • The script output log in the Rename and Function Editor dialogs now scrolls with the mouse wheel.
  • Up/down controls in script dialogs now move with their edit control when the dialog is resized.
  • The OnListerClose script event now lets a script prevent the closing Lister from being saved as the new default Lister, via the new prevent_save property. e.g. You can use this to revert to the old behavior of not saving sync/dupe Listers:

    Script Type: VBScript

    Function OnCloseLister(closeListerData) If closeListerData.lister.utilpane = 1 Then If closeListerData.lister.utilpage = "sync" Or closeListerData.lister.utilpage = "dupe" Then closeListerData.prevent_save = True End If End If End Function

  • The script Control object's interface, for advanced scripted dialogs, has been redesigned inline with tbone's suggestions. Old methods have been removed and any scripts in development based on the previous betas may need changes.

    Methods are now:

    AddItem(strName [, strData]) or AddItem(objItem)
    InsertItemAt(intIndex, strName [, strData]) or InsertItemAt(objItem)
    RemoveItem(intIndex or objItem)
    SelectItem(intIndex or objItem)
    SelectRange(intFirst [, intLast]) or SelectRange()
    .count (readonly)
    .enabled (r/w)
    .visible (r/w)
    .focus (r/w)
    .label (r/w)
    .value (r/w)

    on GET, value will return a string (edit field), a bool (simple checkbox/radio button), a long (tri-state checkbox or tab), or a DialogListItem (combo/listbox)
    on SET, value takes a string (edit field or tab), a bool or long (checkbox/radio/tab), a long or a DialogListItem (combo/listbox)

    The DialogListItem has the following properties:
    .index (readonly)
    .data (r/w)
    .name (r/w)

  • Setting the "default" property for a button control in the dialog editor now automatically turns it off for any other buttons.
  • The "Evenly Space" commands in the dialog editor now reposition the last control as well as the others. (Previously, the first and last controls were excluded.)
  • The Script object (given to script add-ins) now has a LoadResources method which lets a script load resources from an external file, rather than embedding them at the end of the script file itself. Note that for .OSP script packages, the resource files must have a .odxml suffix if the resource files are bundled in the package (non-packaged scripts can use any file extension).
  • The new Script.LoadResources can also take an XML string directly, as an alternative to loading the data from disk.
  • Help file correction for Dialog.getstring.
  • Help file correction for Item.Open arguments (it doesn't take a path; the path is implicit) and slight clarification of FSUtil.OpenFile arguments.
  • Item.Open and FSUtil.OpenFile can now pass "NoElevate" or "ElevateNoAsk" to prevent triggering UAC prompts when opening files. "NoElevate" avoids elevation entirely while "ElevateNoAsk" gains elevation only if something else has already triggered it within the script's context. Script columns which open files should use these to avoid triggering annoying UAC prompts in the background.
  • Duplicating a folder over an existing one would incorrectly display an error ("you can't copy a file over itself") for any files that clashed with existing ones in the target folder.
  • Fixed de-selection not always occurring when you first clicked the background of the inactive side of a dual file display, regardless of Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow file selection when clicking to switch source/destination state.
  • Fixed Print/Export Folder not correctly outputting .CSV or .TSV format files if the first two or more columns of a row were completely blank. (Rare, since Name usually comes first.)
  • The Image command no longer requires the CONVERT argument if either of the WIDTH or HEIGHT arguments are specified. (Previously it needed both WIDTH and HEIGHT for CONVERT to become optional.)
  • The Set SAVEFORMAT command now includes the current folder background image settings in the saved format.
  • Fixed rare unresponsive window when opening a new lister.
  • Fixed high CPU usage while file info-tips with thumbnails were shown in certain situations.
  • When Opus resolves junctions and softlink paths it now stops resolving when it hits a UNC path that resolves to a non-UNC path (e.g. dir -> \\server\drive\dir -> device), since the final resolved path would only make sense on the remote machine.
  • Aliases that resolve to a path with a trailing slash will now have the slash stripped if the remainder of the path begins with a slash. (e.g. /homeroot/Windows used to resolve to C:\\Windows but will resolve to C:\Windows now.)
  • New-look About and Start Window (splash screen) dialogs. The Start Window can now be controlled via the keyboard.

Beta 6 (12.0.6) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.6 Beta:


Image Viewer
  • The Marked Pictures panel now uses Details mode by default to show the list of marked pictures. Icon mode can be re-enabled through the new Preferences option.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with the image viewer's marked picture list when it loses focus.
  • The viewer option Generate next/previous list (when opened via double-click) now also applies to the View in Directory Opus context menu item. (For any custom commands, you can achieve similar results by running Show LISTSIBLINGS instead of Show on its own.)
  • In response to user feedback the sliding presets panel has been removed. The presets list is now displayed on the left of the Rename dialog, and can be resized (although not hidden completely).
  • The preset list now has a context menu which lets you manage presets.
  • Rename presets can now be arranged in arbitrary groups (use the Assign To Group command in the Preset Management drop-down menu or the context menu).
  • Added an new option - Use preview list to build macros - to the Rename dialog. When turned on (the default), the preview area acts as a macro builder like before. When turned off, the preview area allows filenames to be edited individually. Once a filename has been modified that name is locked in and won't change even if other rename settings are altered, unless the custom name is cleared.
  • The Rename dialog now remembers the last script language used.
  • Fixed problem with the Rename dialog's script output panel which could cause the log to incorrectly clear in the middle of a script's output.
Scripts Preferences Page
  • The Scripts page in Preferences has been redesigned.
  • It now uses a multicolumn list to display the list of scripts. Columns can be added/removed by right-clicking the column header.
  • Information about the selected script is displayed at the bottom of the list if not shown in a column.
  • If a script supports configuration clicking its name now opens the configuration dialog.
  • The list now remembers previously the selected script and reselects it next time it opens.
  • Scripts that fail to parse are no longer removed from the list; instead they will display the failure reason in the Status column.
  • Scripts that you disable are now completely disabled - no code from them is run at all. (previously, the OnInit function would run and commands/columns would still be queried).
  • The new Import command can be used to import a script (as well as drag-and-drop like before).
  • The new Delete command can be used to remove a script. It deletes the script file and removes the record of any configuration for it (so that if later on you add a new script with the same name, it won't inherit the old script's configuration).
  • The new Disable All Scripts command lets you disable all script add-ins at once - individual enable/disable states will be preserved. The new Set SCRIPTDISABLE command lets you toggle this from a button or hotkey.
  • Scripts can now specify a group in their OnInit function (using the property). If any scripts specify a group this will be reflected in the Preferences list.
  • Scripts can also specify a group for their configuration values using the new ScriptInitData.config_groups property (this accepts a Map in the same way as the config_desc property).
  • Rename scripts using the OnGetNewName method have new properties available to them in the GetNewNameData object:
    • oldname_field: content of the Old Name field in the rename dialog (synonym of existing oldname property, which still works).
    • newname_field: content of the New Name field in the rename dialog; was previously not available to scripts.
    • newname_ext: the proposed new name, extension only, just the last part e.g. ".rar".
    • newname_stem: the proposed new name, everything before newname_ext.
    • newname_ext_m: the proposed new name, extension only, handles multi-part extensions e.g. ".part1.rar".
    • newname_stem_m: the proposed new name, everything before newname_ext_m.
  • The Item object (representing a file/folder) and Path objects have new properties name_stem_m and ext_m which are like name_stem and ext but use more advanced logic which deals with multi-part file extensions.
  • Scripts that pass commands to the viewer to run now have the specified qualifier keys respected, instead of using the current keyboard state.
  • Script columns can now be made to auto-refresh on file attribute change (instead of just file size change) by setting their autorefresh property to 2.
  • Fixed the script API for reading/writing raw file data failing to open archives, due to archives' file/folder duality.
  • Scripts can now request timestamps for log messages via an optional 3rd argument to DOpus.Output. e.g. DOpus.Output("Hello", false, true). Timestamps only appear in the utility panel, not in places like the Button Editor's output panel. Error messages always get timestamps so if the second argument is true then the third is ignored.
  • A warning is now written to the script log if a script is unloaded because it does not implement any known events.
  • A warning is now written to the script log when scripts specify they need a newer version.
  • Fixed problem with button scripts misreporting line numbers in the error log.
  • When running scripts via the Button Editor, script output is now cleared each time instead of accumulating.
  • When running scripts via the Button Editor, script errors no longer cause Lister status bar error icons to flash, since the errors appear in the editor already.
  • The font used in the metadata control (in the Lister and the Viewer) is now configurable via Preferences / Display / Colors & Fonts.
  • When using vertical tabs, the tab width is now preserved when toggling between single and dual display (when the remember keyword is used)
  • Fixed problem with advanced find Label clause not matching if a file had more than one label assigned.
  • Fixed custom icons in labels (they were inadvertently broken in 12.0.5)
  • Fixed overflow errors with viewer/metadata panel layout with extremely wide Listers.
  • Fixed label background color not showing for the file with focus if it was not selected, when in the Large/Small Icons, List or Thumbnails display modes.
  • Fixed edits to EXIF metadata clearing the labels and other metadata stored in NTFS ADS.
  • Fixed lossless JPEG rotation, which was broken and always failed (falling back on lossy rotation if the command's arguments allowed it).
  • Fixed lossless JPEG rotating removing files' labels and other metadata stored in NTFS ADS.
  • Fixed ftp not logging into the Folder+ iPad FTP server app.
  • Fixed some differences between running Viewer toolbar commands via the toolbar itself and via the Button Editor.
  • Fixed sorting error with Tags column.
  • Child buttons inside of Three-Buttons now inherit the parent's label position if theirs is set to "default".
  • Fixed FTP sites not appearing in the Jumplist on Windows 10.
  • Fixed ampersand characters sometimes being doubled in the path field drop-down. (Only when the displayed name of the path did not match the physical path.)
  • Fixed various places which displayed the recent and favorites lists without consistent handling of ampersand characters.
  • In the File Types editors for Info Tip and Tiles, removed duplicate Folder Size and Folder Contents items from the categorised sub-menus. They were not meant to be there and incorrectly had labels the same as other items in the same place. (The proper items for accessing them are still at the top level, below the categories, with the correct labels.)
  • Fixed clicking the file display to close FAYT not recognising double-clicks if the mouse pointer was moved to compensate for the closure.
  • Fixed clicking the file display to close FAYT not always adjusting the mouse pointer position if closing FAYT caused scrolling.
  • Fixed background color behind Start Window (splash screen) checkbox on Windows XP and when themes are disabled.
  • List mode looks a bit better with label background colors when themed. The background used to draw over the right edge of the themed selection rectangle.
  • Updated to 7z.dll 16.0 which includes security fixes. (Affected archive types are disabled by default in Opus, but could cause problems in older versions if enabled.)
  • Updated to latest UnRar.dll.
  • The drop-down list of file type groups in the simple Find panel no longer shows internal {GUID} format names for user-defined filetype groups.
  • Searching for an empty Description with advanced find using ~* as a wildcard pattern now works.
  • The Select command's DESELECTNOMATCH argument now works when selecting with a filter (i.e. when using the FILTER argument).

Beta 7 (12.0.7) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.7 Beta:

Find Duplicates

  • Added a feature to the Duplicate Finder when searching by checksum, to only calculate a hash for a percentage of the file. This lets you speed up the operation for large files at the expense of accuracy. Use the slider control to adjust the percentage from 1% to 100%. From the command line, use the Find command's MD5 argument to specify a percentage (e.g. MD5=50).
  • Added Filename (no extension) as a search mode for the Duplicate Finder. This will find files with the same filename stem ignoring their file extension.
  • MD5 checksums can now be cached (as part of the new checksum cache) for large files located on NTFS partitions. The checksum cache is only used if specifically requested; use the new Use MD5 cache option to turn it on. From the command line, use the MD5 argument to enable it (e.g. MD5=cache). Note that cached checksums will only be updated if a file's last modified timestamp or size has changed.
Folder Options
  • When saving or clearing the format for the current folder in the Folder Options dialog, the format is also updated in the parent file display as if it had been loaded as a saved format (previously you had to click OK or Apply to update the file display's format, and it would act differently to a normal saved format).
  • The option in the Save Folder Format dialog to Replace the format in any layouts and saved folder tabs now also applies to any currently open folder tabs showing the folder (or any tabs at all, in the case of "all folders"). The tabs will all be told to run the Set FORMAT=!folder command, resetting them to their new defaults automatically.
  • Added OnGetCopyQueueName script event, which lets scripts override the copy queue name for automatically-managed copy queues.
  • Fixed multi-column sort via Set SORTBY="x,y,z" not always working correctly with script columns.
  • The Item.attr_text script property didn't work for files on FTP sites.
  • Fixed script column auto/name/attr-refresh being disabled for individual files if the script did not set any kind of value, even an empty string, when the column was requested.
  • Added Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options / Click selected tab to go to previous one option.
  • The CLI command lets you use noselect: to set the text in the field and begin typing at the end of it, instead of typing over the top of it. For example, you could bind a hotkey to CLI QUICKGO=noselect:C:\ and then push it and start typing the name of a folder below C:\.
  • There is a new optional checksum cache for large files located on NTFS partitions. The checksum cache is only used if specifically requested - the GetSizes command has a new USEHASHCACHE argument, and Clipboard COPYNAMES has a new hashcache parameter to enable it. Note that cached checksums will only be updated if a file's last modified timestamp or size has changed.
  • If either item in the Replace dialog is a folder, double-clicking its thumbnail now opens it in a new folder tab instead of replacing the current folder.
  • When opening the viewer from the replace confirmation requester (either by double-clicking on one of the thumbnails or by right-click and choosing View in Directory Opus), the viewer that opens will only have the two files in question (old and new) in its list.
  • Added NOFILEINFO argument to the Rename command to disable column expansion completely from the command line (so e.g. {size} won't expand to the file's size in the new name).
  • Fix for dark/overprinted combobox labels in the Edit Lister Style dialog's Left/Right File Display tabs.
  • Fixed Copy COLLLIST displaying a multi-line dialog for the collection name.
  • BMP, PNG, GIF and IFF-ILBM images now report RGB for color space instead of blank/unknown.
  • Fixed Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER=paths LAYOUT=xyz not loading all file display columns if applied to a tab showing the Computer folder.
  • Find panel's results collection drop-down now handles long collection names better when near the edge of the screen.
  • Improved performance when the folder tree is showing path highlights to locations which are slow or unavailable.
  • Fixed problem in some Preferences pages of the wrong accelerator key being shown in the tooltip for a button (e.g. the toolbar buttons on the Scripts page)
  • Generic icons are now off by default for all drive types. (Will not affect existing configs unless they are reset.)
  • The toolbar search field now updates to display the current search query if the search is started via the FAYT field an the query is then edited.
  • Default toolbars and menus and toggle dual-display mode in a way which remembers the tabs you previously had open when you turn it back on. (Commands changed from Set DUAL=Toggle to Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember and similar.)
  • Improved button editor's handling of quotes when adding a second parameter to an argument.
  • Updated Raw Digital Camera plugin with support for new cameras.
  • Rename no longer treats {} strings as referring to columns (e.g. the internal column ID for file size is 1, so {1} would expand to the size of the file the same as {size} would)
  • Fixed plugin About windows appearing behind Preferences if it was on-top, and not being centered. (May also have affected other plugin dialogs in some situations.)
  • Changes in 12.0.6 meant the image converter could not overwrite files in libraries; this is now fixed. (Also fixed display of library paths in the conversion dialog.)
  • Changes in 12.0.6 meant the image converter failed when writing BMP and GIF outputs.
  • A command like Image PERCENT=50 no longer requires the CONVERT argument be given explicitly.
  • Image REPLACE=readonly parameter was missing from the button editor menus.
  • Performance improvement when scrolling folders with tens of thousands of files and using auto-sized columns.
  • Rename Preset import dialog is resizable.
  • Fixed ampersands in toolbar and set names when displayed in the toolbar right-click menu.
  • Button editor arguments menus which show user-defined lists (e.g. Rename presets, Layouts) now handle names with ampersands properly.
  • Cosmetic fixes in a couple of places when folder tabs configured for custom colours but individual colours were set to "use default".

Beta 8 (12.0.8) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.8 Beta:

File display Graphs

  • Added a separate column for relative creation date (the old column is for modified date).
  • Added an option in Preferences / Display / Fields to invert the graphs (so that they represent newest file instead of oldest, etc).
  • Graphs are now calculated separately for files and folders (by default). The old behavior can be restored with the graphs_separate_files_dirs Advanced Preferences option.

Folder tabs

  • Custom folder tab colors are now displayed at the edge of tabs instead of changing the whole background of them. Designated colors are no longer heavily modified, since it is no longer required to make it clear which tab is active.
  • Folder tabs now only have rounded corners if the Gloss And Gradients option is on (default: On for Win7, off for Win10). The option to use visual styles for tabs has been removed.
  • When folder tabs are above the file display, they will now expand to the same height as the file display border if Preferences / File Displays / Border / Align other Lister element headers with the file display border is on.


  • Added an Uncompressed column which displays the uncompressed size of archives.
  • File display Fill columns now adjust to use new space when a column is removed and the other columns are fixed-width.
  • File display horizontal scrollbars now adjust correctly when a window is restored from maximized state and Fill columns are used.
  • List mode now treats the new Fill, Expand and Collapse options as if they were all normal Auto-Size, since none of them make sense with List mode. List mode also now respects the new Max column width setting for automatic sizing up to a specified limit.

Image Conversion

  • The Image Conversion tool now shows a preview of the new image size, taking aspect ratio correction and rotation into account.
  • Combining Image CONVERT and Copy into a single command no longer displays arbitrary file sizes in the progress dialog during the conversion stage.

Create Folder

  • The Create Folder dialog now allows multiple folders to be created at the same level (with the Create multiple folders option on), using the | character to separate the folder names. For example, Blah\one|two|three would create Blah\one, Blah\two and Blah\three.
  • The CreateFolder READAUTO argument now affects the default action of the Create Folder dialog.
  • The Create Folder dialog no longer defaults to being narrower in "multi" mode than in "single" mode.
  • Added {parentbase} code, similar to {parent} except it returns the name of the base folder rather than that of the file's parent. This is most useful with a recursive rename, where the name returned by {parent} would change for files inside sub-folders.
  • If you want to use rename to move files into new folders, adding $.\ at the start of the new name lets each file be moved relative to the base folder rather than its parent. Again, most useful with a recursive rename.
  • The rename preview now has a New Location column which appears when the rename operation will move files into new folders.
  • Fixed inline rename edit field being out of place if the lister was resized while it was open.
  • Fixed potential crash introduced in the previous beta, when opening the Rename script editor.
  • Fixed rename dialog going unresponsive if the script editor was open and you chose something from the regex history (and possibly other actions).

Quick Access (Windows 10)

  • Added /quickaccess as a built-in alias for the Quick Access folder in Windows 10.
  • Added an option to Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents to display the Quick Access folder in the tree (it will appear in its own branch at the top).
  • You put the Quick Access folder in a toolbar menu using Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT or similar commands.


  • Properties SETLABEL and LABELCATEGORY have slightly changed syntax from earlier betas. If you made buttons to set multiple labels or status icons at once, you will need to edit them slightly.
    • Properties SETLABEL now takes the list of labels as a comma-separated string. e.g. SETLABEL="Red,Blue"
    • Commands using the old style ( SETLABEL "Red" "Blue" ) will need updating.
    • Commas are allowed in label names and can be escaped with a backslash if needed, as can backslashes themselves. e.g. SETLABEL="Red\,Blue\\Green" would set a single label called "Red,Blue\Green".
    • Properties LABELCATEGORY is similar. Remember it uses wildcards as well, so if your category names include wildcard characters they may need to be escaped using the ' character.
  • Default toolbars change: Assigning status icons to files now automatically turns on the Status Icons column so you can see the results. If you don't want to reset your Operations toolbar to the default, here is the new command. The embedded command in square brackets is what's new:

    Set COLUMNSADD=Status(1+Name)

  • Fixed problem where user-defined labels could get lost when loading an Opus 11 configuration.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue on the Label Assignments prefs page. Resizing could detach the combobox from its row/column.
  • Fixed the Label Assignments prefs page when scrolling the list with the mousewheel while over the label combobox.
  • Preferences / Label Assignments now remembers the View By Label checkbox state. Preferences / Folder Aliases also now remembers the Show Built-In Aliases checkbox state.
  • Button editor menus now help more with the Properties LABELCATEGORY argument.
  • Preferences / Labels no longer loses edits to a label's name or category if you click another label in the list directly after typing the edit.
  • Preferences / Labels now allows you to move labels into the pre-defined groups.
  • The Label option in the advanced filter control (e.g. Tools, Find Files, Advanced) now allows a wildcard pattern so a single clause can match multiple labels.
  • The same Label option now uses label colors and font styles in its drop-down list. (The clause itself still shows the name normally to avoid dominating other details.)
  • Properties SETLABEL=!submenu now sorts category sub-menus to match the list in Preferences.
  • Properties SETLABEL on its own now groups labels by their categories, while still producing a flat list. Similarly, SETLABEL=!menu does the same inside a sub-menu. You can use SETLABEL=!nogroup or SETLABEL=!menu,!nogroup to intermix the categories as before, if you wish.
  • If you put a list of labels at the top level of a toolbar (Properties SETLABEL), the list now updates correctly when you change label definitions in Preferences.
  • The buttons generated by Properties SETLABEL and similar will now disable themselves when no files are selected.
  • Properties SETLABEL now respects the NOFROMFOCUS argument to avoid considering the folder tree.
  • Fixed issue with color labels assigned via NTFS not showing in the tree
  • Fixed issue assigning a label to an archive in the tree
  • Clearing labels from files now works via symbolic links.


  • Delete command has new switches FAILNOTEMPTY and SKIPNOTEMPTY:
    • These are not for general purpose empty folder clean-up (you can use a delete filter for that).
    • They are intended for a narrow but recurrent case: A command which moves things out of a folder and then wants to remove the folder, but only if it is now completely empty.
    • Both new arguments MUST be combined with NORECYCLE, even if the recycle bin is currently off.
    • They only affect folders at the top level (i.e. selected or named as arguments). If a top-level folder is not empty, it will not be deleted and the command will fail (FAILNOTEMPTY) or skip it and move on to the next (SKIPNOTEMPTY). An empty sub-folder is enough to consider a top-level folder non-empty.
    • Files at the top level are deleted normally, regardless of size.
    • While this should work with all VFS plugins and filesystems, you are advised to double-check when using it on anything but local folders, since some VFS/filesystems may incorrectly delete entire folder trees without checking they are empty.
    • The delete confirmation dialogs do not exclude non-empty folders, since the assumption is you will add the QUIET argument in any scenario where the new arguments are useful.
  • Set COLUMNSADD and similar now allow column positions to be specified relative to existing columns. For example, to add the Status Icons column after the Name column: Set COLUMNSADD=Status(1+Name). "0+Name" is the position of the Name column. "1+Name" the next position. "1-Name" the previous position.
  • The Show VIEWERCMD=meta command has been expanded to allow the metapane width to be controlled in the viewer. Supported keywords are now "on", "off", "toggle", "grow", "" and "nofocus". The "grow" option is like having the metadata panel snap on and off the side of the viewer instead of eating into the window's current space. e.g. Show VIEWERCMD=meta,500,grow,toggle
  • Fixed multi-column Set SORTBY commands which mix internal and script columns.
  • If Show Everything mode is on, Select HIDESEL and HIDEUNSEL are now ignored.
  • Added a Touch Modified command to the the default toolbar's Properties button-menu.
  • Automated Prefs BACKUP and RESTORE commands now intelligently add the .ocb backup file extension to the specified paths.
  • Go FROMSEL now works in the Computer folder.
  • You can now use the Help command to directly open the page for any internal command. For example: Help REF=cmd_CreateFolder
  • In the command editor, F1 now opens the manual page for the command on the current line, if applicable.
  • Added mycomputerfull argument for breadcrumbs pathfields, to enable the display of folders in the drop-down for the Computer folder.
  • The Go FOLDERCONTENT command now supports non-filesystem folders. For example, as mentioned above, in Windows 10 you can use Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT to show the Quick Access folder in a pop-out menu.


  • Added option Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / Generate thumbnails for network files in Confirm File Replace dialog, which is on by default. If turned off, you will get the old behavior of generic icons for network files in the Replace dialog and a "?" button you can click to generate them.
  • Restoring the Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats page no longer puts the User Default item into the wrong place in the list. It now also remembers which sections you have expanded instead of collapsing all of them.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with Preferences / Misc / Advanced when scrolling/resizing while a combobox was in use.


  • Improved several icons and cursors used in the program.
  • Status bar hidden counts and format lock now have their own right-click menus for quick access to related commands for filtering and changing or resetting the folder format.
  • The status bar tooltips for the Show Everything feature now make more sense when using Flat View, Mixed (No Folders).
  • In Details and Power modes, file intotips now appear when the mouse is over names or icons (or thumbnails if joined to the Name column). Previously, it only worked over the names themselves.
  • Fixed a problem where the Type column showed different things before and after a folder refresh (e.g. "File" vs "JPG File").
  • Date and time codes, when renaming files or running commands, can now specify the "system invariant locale" instead of local language settings. This locale is similar to North American and gives the same results on all machines and in all languages. For example, running {date|Idd-MMM} {time|Ihh:mm tt} on June 23rd at 10:52 PM will always output "23-Jun 10:52 PM", always using English month names and AM/PM strings.
  • Animated GIF plugin now includes the current filename in the F10 infotip when the viewer is full-screen, consistent with the built-in image types.
  • Fix for rare crash when loading webm or mkv files into the viewer.
  • Fixed problem where if the Lister Context menu had the Toolbar List added, the list did not indicate active toolbars.
  • Improved behavior of Page Up and Page Down keys in Details and Power modes. The main difference is that you will always get at least one fully visible line of overlap between the current page and the next. Some fairly obscure issues have also been fixed (e.g. Shift + Page Down did nothing if the last visible item was a group header).
  • Fixed file display group headings being drawn in the wrong color if the rightmost file display column used a custom text color.
  • The header icon for Manual Sort mode now shows its context menu for both left and right clicks.
  • Opus now recalculates the item under the mouse pointer (even if the mouse hasn't moved) after reading a new folder, meaning that if an item is underneath the pointer in the new folder it will be highlighted (and/or selected in "single click" mode) automatically
  • Layouts and the Default Lister now save and restore the last used dual-display orientation (horizontal or vertical) even if the second display is closed when they are saved. In particular, this allows you to have a single-display default lister which will use dual-horizontal displays when you load a folder tab group.
  • Fix for crash which could be triggered with specific types of malformed, self-referential symbolic links which got through normal loop detection.
  • Fixed a problem where copying a file from one zip archive to another, with the Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Ask for encryption/compression settings when copying into Zip files option turned on, would incorrectly save the full path of the copied file into the archive.
  • Fixed extra UAC prompt when moving a folder out of a place requiring elevation, if the option to reset moved file permissions was on.
  • When moving into encrypted or compressed folders on the same drive, and when set to update the encryption/compression of the moved folders, the update now happens as part of the main move operation instead of spawning parallel background threads for each folder. This avoids excessive disk/CPU use if multiple large folders are moved in such a way, and means you know things are really finished when the progress dialog closes.
  • Holding the shift key while turning the mouse wheel over the folder tree now scrolls a page at a time.
  • When setting EXIF tags in pictures, Opus will no longer use UTF-8 for fields that never require it (e.g. "Date Taken"). This is to prevent compatibility problems with software that has trouble with the UTF-8 BOM header in certain fields (e.g. Explorer).


  • Trimmed trailing space from Item.attr_text script properly when on some FTP sites.
  • The OnOpenTab event is now triggered for the initial tabs in a new Lister, following the OnOpenLister event. (Previously, OnOpenTab was only triggered for the second and subsequent tabs).
  • Added Dialog.Create method which lets a script dialog be created without immediately going visible (so that controls can be initialised before the dialog is shown). Using Create implies Dialog.detach = True. Once created, call Dialog.Show to show it. The dialog will also be shown automatically on the first GetMsg call.
  • If Dialog.Control is given the name of the main dialog as its optional second argument, Opus will now search the main dialog for the control (even though the second argument is only intended for use with tabs).
  • During OnInit, scripts can now set initData.url to a URL which the user can see and click when managing scripts in Preferences. Suggested use is to point to the script's forum thread.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues in script dialog editor with column widths and scrolling in the right panels.
  • Fixed Scripts preferences page crashing if the mouse was moved over the list in a particular way which angered it.
  • Script configuration dialog now remembers its size.
  • Added script support for Windows shell properties, making it easy for a script to enumerate properties in the system and retrieve the properties for a file.
    • FSUtil.GetShellPropertyList to retrieve a list of properties (optionally matching a wildcard pattern).
    • FSUtil.GetShellProperty to get the value of one or more properties for a file.
    • Item.ShellProp to get the value of a single property for the item.
    • ScriptColumn.userdata property added which lets a column specify an item of data that's passed back to column handlers (in the example DWG script, it's used to pass the PROPERTYKEY through which is quicker than looking the property up by raw name each time).

Example VBScript to add DWG columns:

Function OnInit(initData) = "DWG Columns"
    initData.desc = "Adds DWG Columns from the JTB World extension"
    initData.copyright = "(c) 2016 jpotter"
    initData.version = "1.0"
    initData.default_enable = true
    initData.min_version = "12.0.8"
    Dim props, prop, col
    Set props = DOpus.FSUtil.GetShellPropertyList("dwg.*", "r")

    for each prop in props
        Set col = initData.AddColumn = prop.raw_name
        col.method = "OnDWGColumn"
        col.label = prop.display_name
        col.justify = "left"
        col.autogroup = true
        col.userdata = prop.pkey
End Function

Function OnDWGColumn(scriptColData)
    scriptColData.value = scriptColData.item.shellprop(scriptColData.userdata)
End Function

Beta 9 (12.0.9) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.9 Beta:


  • Added Select SOURCETODEST=in (and DESTTOSOURCE=in), selects all files in the destination that exist in the source. (Same as doing "select all" followed by "Select SOURCETODEST", just saves that extra step of selecting all files first.)
  • Added Encoding Software column, displays the MP3 TSSE frame.
  • Set Wallpaper command now supports multi-monitor "Span" mode on Windows 8 and above.
  • FTP: Opus will now prompt for the passphrase for an encrypted certificate file when logging into FTPS.
  • @hidenosel:type=*.png and similar now work in context menus.
  • Synchronize now enforces copying of file timestamps even if turned off in Preferences.
  • Fixed changing languages removing the hotkey indicators from the first/duplicated items within button-menus on the default Operations toolbar.
  • The "Click selected tab to go to previous one" option now takes effect on button up rather than down, to avoid breaking drag & drop of tabs.
  • Fixed folder tabs moving one pixel down and then back up as you changed tabs, due to changes in the previous beta.
  • Size graphs in the Computer folder can now be flat on Windows Vista/7 and gradients on Windows 8/10 if gloss_and_gradients is the opposite of the OS's natural setting.
  • Fixed resizing toolbar fields (e.g. Path Field) flicking from the field's new size, back to the old size, then back to the new size again when you released the mouse button.
  • Fixed folder tree Favorites and Aliases branches displaying multiple items for the same paths/branches if you were in them when they were refreshed (e.g. by adding a new favorite or alias).
  • Fixed image viewer drawing the image and selection in the wrong part of the window if you had an image larger than the screen, scrolled it, then cropped it while the viewer was set not to resize (including if it was maximized or full screen).
  • Fixed area with file display border and folder tabs not repainting properly if you had the tab bar above the file display, tabs set to only appear when needed, and then opened and closed two tabs.
  • Fixed folder tree selecting Desktop instead of the current folder if you opened it while in a virtual folder directly below the Desktop branch (e.g. This PC, Recycle Bin).
  • Fixed folder tree showing ::{GUID} type names for some shell folders after they changed. For example, the Recycle Bin after its empty/full state changed.
  • Fixed folder tree header heights not matching the file display border height when configured to, if using dual folder trees and opening them in certain ways.
  • Improved look of tree, viewer, etc. headers at the top of the window when the highlight color did not blend into the background fill or gradient.
  • Using custom file display header colors gives better results when shadow and highlight are the same color.
  • The utility pane no longer blocks mousewheel messages to other parts of the lister when it has focus but the mouse is over them.
  • Fixed crash when using Go FINDTITLE.
  • Fixed crash introduced in beta 8 when setting some metadata fields.

Default Config
(Note: Most of these will not affect existing configs unless the relevant areas are reset.)

  • Edit menu has items to calculate MD5 and SHA-1 checksums, and the Select Other sub-menu has the new Select Source All in Destination and a version that ignores file extensions (useful for converted photos).
  • Tools menu has item for the Opus CLI / Ad-Hoc Script Editor, and items to quickly access the File Log and Scripts Log.
  • Copy Files button-menu has items for creating shortcuts, soft links, junctions, and so on.
  • Slideshow button is now a button-menu with items to explicitly launch the viewer and basic wav file player.
  • Right-click menu for images now has quick options for converting to JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP with a single click.
  • Right-click menu for shortcuts (.lnk files) has an Open Target's Folder item.
  • Right-click menus for all files & folders now includes items to Copy File Names, Copy Full Pathnames, Set Label and change Status icons.

Beta 10 (12.0.10) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.10 Beta:


  • Find filters using labels can now turn wildcards on and off, to make life easier when a filter name contains wildcard characters. Regular expressions can now be used as well.
  • Fixed issue with Type clause in advanced filter control where drop-down would be truncated in files/folders mode.
  • File display and tooltip Copyright column now shows the copyright tag data from MP3 files.
  • Removed dependency on propsys.dll for legacy Windows XP systems.
  • The Thumbnail column is now hidden from the sort header in the icon modes (if enabled).
  • In the Rename dialog, if the Apply button is used the OK button is now disabled. This is to avoid unintentionally triggering a rename twice (by clicking Apply followed by OK). The OK button is re-enabled again if any rename parameters are altered. If you DO want to run exactly the same operation twice you can simply click Apply a second time. Once the Apply button has been used once, the Cancel button changes to a Close button to indicate that the operation can no longer be cancelled.
  • Fixed glitch with metadata panel in viewer (and standalone) which could cause a blank area to be left behind if resized to no longer need a scrollbar.
  • Fixed focus indicators in the metadata pane only painting their left/right sides in some cases.
  • When setting timestamps with the metadata panel or the Change Attributes dialog, if a timestamp is set to be copied from a second one and the second one is also being set at the same time, the new timestamp is now copied rather than the old one.
  • When saving a new rename preset, the drop-down list of existing names is now grouped by category.
  • Fixed problem that meant you couldn't use the metadata pane to clear fields in .mp4 files.
  • Added Show VIEWERCMD=refresh command to refresh the currently displayed picture in the viewer.
  • Show VIEWERCMD=open can now be given a filename to open (e.g. Show VIEWERCMD "open,c:\my pictures\blah.png")
  • Show VIEWERCMD=save can now be made to replace the existing file silently (e.g. Show VIEWERCMD save,quiet)
  • Show VIEWERCMD=saveas can now be given a filename to save to (e.g. Show VIEWERCMD "saveas,c:\blah.jpg")
  • When a file has more than one status icon applied to it, the icons are now displayed in the same order as in Preferences (i.e. alphabetically on the label name).
  • The folder tree now updates the Libraries branch when you set the color of a library (e.g. Documents). Previously the change would not take effect until the tree was forced to refresh.
  • The folder tree now properly supports label colors for drive root items. (Previously they worked only in trees which were already open when the label was set.)
  • Deleting non-zip archives via right-click in the folder tree now works.
  • Sending files to the Opus viewer from outside of Opus no longer fails if the last active Lister is showing a folder such as Computer where the Show command is invalid.
  • Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete now work (to delete whole words) in {dlgstring} and script dialogs.
  • Fixed: A fresh (non-upgrade) install of Directory Opus creates a toolbar set called "Directory Opus 0"
  • The Reset to factory default format function in the Folder Options dialog (and the Set FORMAT=!factory) command now resets to the correct default format for special folders like My Computer.
  • The Reset to factory, user default and favorite format functions now filter out columns that aren't supported by the folder in question.
  • Fixed login problem introduced in Beta 9 with FTPS sites not using certificates.
  • Rename presets which do a find-and-replace to an empty string now run directly when selected from the Lister menus, instead of causing the Rename dialog to open.
  • Selecting a folder underneath the QuickAccess branch in the tree would incorrectly show the folder delegated to Explorer.
  • Fixed delay when using commands like Go FINDTITLE or Go EXISTINGLISTER on Lister toolbars and hotkeys.

If you're helping to test the Opus 12 Public Beta, your free certificate may be expiring soon.

You can go to to get a new one which lasts until the end of September.

The process is the same as when you got your original beta certificate; only the expiry date has changed.

Remember to download and install the new certificate into Help > Licence Manager. (Double-clicking the .opuscert file should work as well, except with portable installs.)

Beta 11 (12.0.11) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.11 Beta:


  • The Navigation Lock algorithm has been redesigned to hopefully address various complaints about the old algorithm (in terms of how and when it goes out of sync). It should be much better now at recovering after having gone out of sync. Additionally, it now handles multiple tabs better (by automatically resetting the sync position when you change tabs, which is what was meant to already happen according to the manual but didn't!)
  • Added sep= as a modifier for the {allfilepath} etc. codes, allowing you to change the separator character from the default space. E.g. {allfilepath$|sep=,} would product a comma-separated list of filepaths.
  • It's now possible to type a tab in the infotip and tiles filetype edit fields (press Shift+Tab to move the focus out). Tooltip / Tile edit field now also supports Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Backspace/Delete.
  • Find filters using aspect ratio can now specify things like 16:9 or 16/9 directly (previously you had to calculate the ratio like 1.78).
  • Fixed problem introduced in 12.0.8 which made GetSizes commands launched via folder tooltips unreliable.
  • Fixed problem with a Lister that opens with an embedded command to turn on Flat View - in that case, it was possible to end up with the sub-folders being read twice (and everything duplicated in the list) if the Lister had been saved with Flat View enabled.
  • The standalone viewer's metadata and marked image panes now use the configured panel caption font. The Viewer status bar now respects the configured status bar font.
  • The viewer metadata panel now respects the configured text color from Preferences and automatically updates if you any of the metadata panel colors.
  • Toggling Apply in a viewer metadata panel now toggles the checkbox in all other viewer metadata panels, consistent with lister metadata panels. (Viewers' auto-apply state is still independent of listers'.)
  • Toggling Apply in a lister metadata panel now visibly toggles the checkbox in all other lister metadata panels (if any). The checkbox controls a global Preferences setting so the behavior is unchanged, but previously the checkbox in the titlebar would be incorrect/misleading until something caused it to repaint.
  • Fixed folder tab flickering when drag & drop first initiated.
  • Fixed folder tab drag & drop glitch where a tab could incorrectly jump to the beginning if it was dragged a tiny distance and then released again.
  • Rename presets with the "old name" field saved as empty now default to "*" for that field, to provide backwards compatibility with Opus 11 rename presets.
  • Custom fields added by scripts in the Rename dialog did not use their assigned labels the first time the script was refreshed.
  • Fixed file display toolbar momentarily flicking between its normal background color and black if the folder tab bar was above the file display and toggled.
  • Fixed rare situation where Windows 10 virtual desktops could show transition animations for windows on other desktops.

Beta 12 (12.0.12) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.12 Beta:


  • High DPI glyphs for multi-column sort indicators.
  • Manual sort drop targets to rearrange files now get larger with higher DPIs.
  • The scripting Date.Format method can now be given arbitrary format strings (in addition to the old "d" and "t" flags which format things the same as the file display). Full format strings use the same syntax as the {date} and {time} command codes and various Rename date/time codes.
  • Fixed manual sort repositioning insertion from picking the wrong item sometimes if the icon mode sort header is turned on.
  • Manual sort insertion markers now DPI scaled and larger, using the same look as the similar folder tab markers.
  • Fixed manual sort insertion marker not appearing to the top or left of the first visible item (unless it was the first item in the folder, i.e. you were not scrolled at all).
  • The "slave tabs" system now uses the same algorithm as Navigation Lock in terms of staying in and going out of sync (i.e. when it goes out of sync it will show a warning message rather than changing the tab to show the same folder as the other side). The term "Slave Tab" has been replaced with "Navigation Lock" in the user interface to avoid confusion (since there's really only one system now instead of two completely separate ones).
  • List and Small Icon modes have slightly more padding left and right of their labels at higher DPIs.
  • High DPI glyphs for folder tab close buttons, when set to small size.
  • In the metadata pane, the EXIF Altitude field wasn't being copied when the other GPS position fields were copied from one picture to another.
  • Closing a tab by double-clicking its label could result in the file display losing focus.
  • Fixed glitch in Rename dialog when saving a preset that had been created out of another preset that was marked as a favorite.
  • When an existing viewer was recycled with a new file list, the viewer "marked" panel did not repopulate based on the new list.
  • Added Show VIEWERCMD=scroll command to control scrolling in the standalone viewer.
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumbs path field which could incorrectly show a ghost path and no real path if you went from. e.g. a child folder on the desktop, back to the desktop, and then to C:.
  • Duplicate Files panel now resizes to use all available height.
  • Fixed combobox controls in the utility panel drawing their labels on top of the panel's scrollbars.
  • Fixed being able to drag the utility panel too far up into the file display.
  • Fixed Listers which open with a shrunken utility panel not adjusting its height to match the file display border, if the related option is on.
  • If the utility panel opened shrunken, resetting the panel's size by double-clicking its header now restores the previous expanded size or the default size, rather than making it very small.
  • Functions which switch to utility panels, including the logs, will now by default expand the utility panel if it is collapsed.
  • Functions which toggle the utility panel will now, by default, expand it when turning the panel on, if it was saved in a collapsed state. You can use the noexpand keyword to prevent this, e.g. Set UTILITY=find,toggle,noexpand would open a collapsed Find panel if that was how it was last saved. You can also explicitly specify expand if you would like expansion to take priority over closing a panel if the panel is currently in a shrunken state, e.g. Set UTILITY=find,toggle,expand (you'd probably want to add focus as well). When neither expand nor noexpand is explicitly specified, the default is to expand when showing the panel (including when changing which panel is displayed) and to not expand when hiding the panel.
  • Fixed crash evaluating label filters which use script columns.
  • Fixed image filter clauses Color Model, Flash, Orientation, and Dimensions (but not individual Width and Height) not matching correctly, and crashing in some situations.
  • Fixed minor utility panel issue with combobox pop-ups not always responding to the mouse wheel, introduced in recent betas.
  • Look and feel improvements for folder tabs when on the left or right.
  • Folder tabs which are dragged from one window to another now have their tab colors and labels preserved.
  • In the Labels list in Preferences, the selected label's name is now drawn on top of the selection highlight so that the label's color isn't "muddied".
  • Fixed editing a folder tab's label being cancelled if you typed something and then clicked another part of the tab bar; this now applies the change.
  • Fixed opening layouts with minimized Listers not giving focus to any of the layout's non-minimized Listers.
  • Tree path highlight "use color from tab" option now considers individual, user-defined tab colors as well as tab-link colors.
  • Rename in standard mode no longer cares if you have a wildcard in the "old name" field and no wildcard in the "new name" field.
  • Tree path highlight now draws inactive, custom-color lines with increased contrast, if shadows are enabled, since some of the default colors were previously very hard to see on a white background.
  • Fixed color picker using the same icon for both copy and paste.
  • The labels list in Preferences now displays icons tinted by the selected color if a label is set to both apply an icon and tint it. If a label tints icon colors without applying an icon a square of the tint color is now shown instead of an icon.
  • The Filter Bar drop-down of file extensions and groups did not work properly when regular expression mode was enabled.
  • Similar to the labels list in Preferences, menus generated by Properties SETLABEL now show recolored icons or color squares if the label has an icon color set.
  • You can now drag & drop the branches from the breadcrumbs pathfield.
  • Fixed a problem with Go FOLDERCONTENT which could cause some folders to be left out of the list when enumerating non-filesystem folders like Quick Access.
  • Deleting files in the viewer now moves you to the next file quicker. Previously there was a half-second delay.
  • With FAYT "Highlight matches" on and "search anywhere" off, highlights used to be drawn for matches anywhere in names but would stop being drawn if you typed something which no name in the folder began with. Now, the highlights continue to be shown in this mode, but slightly lighter.
  • Fixed unwanted horizontal scrollbar in some situations involving Auto+Fill and Collapse columns.
  • With multiple columns set to Collapse, they are now reduced right-to-left instead of left-to-right.
  • Fixed problem which could cause the scrollbar in a file display to stop working properly if the display was grouped by Status Icons.
  • If the list is grouped by the status or label columns a read of all labels is now triggered automatically (previously this happened when sorted, but not when grouped).
  • Collection icons can now be specified via aliases.
  • Path completion is now much faster in folders with a large number of items. (e.g. Type /system/ into the icon browser path field and the list of DLLs will appear much sooner.)
  • Some small improvements to the UI for selecting icons when dealing with external files.
  • The default toolbar set will now be updated if you rename one of the toolbars it points to. Previously, using custom toolbars and then renaming them could leave you with Listers which had missing toolbars.
  • Fixed layouts being copied to the top-level if you saved a folder format and told it to update existing Listers, and had affected Listers below folders.
  • Fixed text viewer not working over FTP connections if the Hex Viewer option was disabled.
  • Fixed problem where copying one folder to another, sibling, folder could incorrectly result in "You can't copy a file over itself" error.
  • Fixed bug where a queued Copy As function would forget the new name you had entered for the file (and ask again once the function ran) if you didn't use a wildcard pattern.
  • Added Set FDBTOOLBAR and Set VIEWERTOOLBAR commands, to allow scripts to change which toolbars are in use for these elements.
  • Added Toolbars script object (obtained from DOpus.Toolbars) which has fdb and viewer properties.
  • Fixed bug where copying a menu containing a label field in it could duplicate the label in certain situations.

Beta 13 (12.0.13) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.13 Beta:


  • Fixed bug introduced in 12.0.12 where the icon selector did not work with internal icon sets.
  • Fixed viewer status bar not coming back it you toggled full-screen.
  • Fix for transition animations on Windows 10 after the Anniversary Update is installed.
  • Fixed problem introduced with beta 12 which made commands like "Rename CASE=upper" stop working.
  • Fixed double-click to close tabs not working in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem when "fill" columns were combined with "collapse" columns, that could cause fill columns to end up too wide and collapse columns smaller than they needed to be.

Beta 14 (12.0.14) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.14 Beta:


  • Fixed bug where a queued Copy As function would forget the new name you had entered for the file (and ask again once the function ran) if you didn't use a wildcard pattern.
  • Fixed problem where File Count column could interfere with folder size calculation.
  • Fixed problem which stopped "Rename PRESET=findrep" command from displaying the Rename dialog.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes viewer would not notice when it opened that files had already been marked when the option to use a collection was turned off.
  • Fixed problem of Opus writing an invalid EXIF UserComment tag.
  • Fixed Rename presets list glitch when scrollbars are added/removed.
  • Photoshop (PSD) preview images now support opacity data (alpha channels) for typical 8bpp PSD files. (This already worked for typical 16bpp PSD files.) By default, this will affect the viewer but not thumbnails. To get PSD alpha working with thumbnails as well, change Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: psd_image_preference to use the preview image for both thumbnails and viewer. (This can also result in thumbnails not working, if your PSD files do not contain preview images. The documentation for this setting has been updated to further explain the pros and cons of changing it.)

Beta 15 (12.0.15) is now available.


Changes in 12.0.15 Beta:


  • Improved compatibility when loading old rename presets.
  • Improved PSD alpha handling so it works if there are additional alpha channels, and so it only interprets the first alpha channel as opacity if it has the correct name.
  • Fixed problem where writing EXIF metadata could change the creation date of the file in some cases.
  • Rename dialog now supports {dateu} and {timeu} for UTC versions of the current {date} and {time}. Also, for these four fields only, the requirement for date and time formats to start with D# and T#, respectively, is relaxed, since it is implicit to the field.