Directory Opus 13.2.1 (Beta)

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or download manually.

  • Evaluation columns can now return a different value when being called for sorting, by checking if (operation == "sort") { }.

  • Evaluator columns now have a "Custom grouping" option, which means they can define their own groups. When turned on, they'll be called with operation == "group", and they should return the name of the group they want to be placed in.

  • Updated the default example "Modified (simple)" evaluator column to have proper sorting and grouping.

  • Added scripting Dialog.CreateFont, Dialog.DestroyFont, Control.SetFont methods. Control.AutoSize now has an optional bool parameter to make it resize vertically as well as horizontally.

  • Fixed inconsistent taskbar button order of multi-window layouts.

  • Fixed automatic copy queue not treating UNC shares the same as subdirs off the same share.

  • Fix for mouse wheel scrolling the folder tree too far in Windows 7 and 8.

  • When creating RAR archives, it's now left to your installed version of WinRAR which archive format version it uses, since WinRAR 7 is removing the option to create older RAR 4 archives.

  • Pixelated thumbnail upscaling is now only applied when enlarging images to at least 3x their original size.

  • Fixed fringing around exe icon thumbnails when resized.

  • When changing thumbnail scaling mode, if thumbnail size is overridden in a window it now stays that way rather than reverting to the standard size.

  • Fix for empty sub-menus in toolbar/menu favorites list if it was filtering on a specific branch using the "Path" argument rather than "Branch".

  • If the "TrayMenu" context menu is factory-reset, it now turns off its icon state/size overrides instead of setting them to on/small. (Makes no real difference unless you then edit the menu's items to use different settings.)

  • Fixed toolbar search field's magnifying glass arrow not reacting to color changes until the window was re-opened.

  • Fixed Copy/Move options being disabled in right-mouse drag-and-drop menu when dropping on a drive under This PC, where the destination is a single-display window.

  • Fixed custom toolbar labels turning into "Special Folders" if you changed languages and chose to translate toolbars. They will now be left as they were (unless they match the name of a built-in label which Opus knows how to translate).

  • Fixed Prefs FORMATLIST commands not immediately updating after changes to the Folder Format list.

  • Fixed Sync panel Compare button remaining disabled if you switched to another utility panel and back again.

  • Possible fix for crash likely caused by invalid registry data. (ID 184)

  • Fix for crash selecting files in unusual shell namespace folder. (ID 183)

  • Fixed crash when in the Libraries root and expanding a library via Expandable Folders. (ID 171/172/175)

  • Fix for crash if viewer pane had a background image and was closed while still loading something. (ID 170)

  • Fix for crash which could happen when dragging the only tab in a window to another window's tab bar, closing the original window. (ID 163)

  • Fixed "Close Tab" from tab context menu on the destination side of a dual display Lister always closing the tab on the source side

  • Fix for rare FTP crash.