Directory Opus 13?


I wonder when Directory Opus 13 will be released?

Can someone help me there.

The program is great, I love that.

I wanted to expand my license, but I've been waiting for version 13 for a long time

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

Marcus Roettger

It's still a way off. When it's closer to the time, we'll announce it, and a public beta will start some months before release.


Hello Leo,

thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I know this question was asked last year.But. When is version 13 coming ? Thanks

When it's ready, which isn't yet. :slight_smile:

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I'd like to get the newest version butg I wouldn't want to buy version 12 and end up having to pay full price (or 30% off for that matter) for version 13.

Better wait for v13.

If you started using v12 now, you'd feel very stupid for not upgrading in 2016 :wink:

That is clear. :wink:

But fore sure there is something like a milestone planing? Or do you have really no idea/plan when you want to release V13?

I'm testing some file managers at the moment, but I think it does not really make sense for me to buy now v12, when v13 is released in 5 month ... :slight_smile:

But also clear: If you give a date too early too many people wait with buying a license. But it could also happen that some people buy then another file manager.

We can’t give a date until we actually know ourselves.

There will be some months of public betas before it goes on sale, so you can judge things from that.

Larger discounts (and even free upgrades) are usually given for people who bought very close to the announcement of a new version. I say usually because we haven’t even got to that point and those decisions for the next release; but that’s how it worked for previous ones.

Buying an inferior file manager instead of Opus 12, because Opus 13 will be released some day, doesn’t really make sense either. :slight_smile:


Hope to have a coupon to buy when 13 is released . I can't wait !

...why should people buy another file-manager if date was giving too early??? Either I want DO or not (and then won't switch e.g. to TC), and there's still the actual version available.

Was misunderstandable. If you give a date too early people wait with buying. If you give the date "too late" perhaps some people buy another file manager if they do not want to have the risk to buy an "outdated" version and the other file manager fits also to the needs.
(I'm not a native english speaker... :D)

If I don't want to buy an "outdated" version, I would wait (except desired app is discontinued).

Good that I can test Opus for 90 days. :slight_smile: enough time to think. :wink:

I'm more interested what new features will come with v13 :crazy_face:

Features won't be announced until the first beta, which is still a way off.

Not even a teaser? Com'on Leo :slight_smile:

I don't know why people just can't wait?!

They cry if things aren't fast enough and also cry, when things come out too fast.

It's done when it's done!


As a loyal DOpus user since v9, I've always been so impressed at the productivity it's given me despite really only fiddling with the absolute surface level functionality.

I've upgraded to every new release ever since and also expanded my license to multi user since I cannot imagine not having Opus on any of my active systems.

I am so appreciative of that fact that the whole team [Leo and gang] has always given me a product that I didn't have regrets purchasing. I never bought v9 worrying that v10 would come along and I was left with a rubbish unusable v9, I always upgraded because I felt the company was worth supporting, they made an incredible software which I am happy to pay for, not something which was rush released just so they can milk an extra dollar out of me.

If you're waiting for v13 like I have been patiently waiting for, I hope it doesn't stop you from getting v12 now.