Directory Opus and Shedko Badges : How to

By default Directory Opus was fully compatible with Shedko Badges, but if you do not see badges on files/folders in Directory Opus , then please open Settings of Directory Opus.

Select menu Settings\Preferences...

In left part of dialog in list select "File Operations", then in right part select tab "Shortcuts" and mark (check) option "Show arrow overlaid on shortcut icon".
Press apply. Now you see badges on files/folders.

If you need to view Badge column, please make next steps.

One right-click on any column header to open context menu. Now in this menu select "More..."

Setup column

Open tab "Columns".
Then at (1) select "Special", select by one left click label "Badges" (2) and press button > (3).

Then press "Save" and select more prefer method for you.

Now we see "Badges" column in Directory Opus. 

Its all.