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Directory Opus Icon Set Specifications


The specifications for the Directory Opus Icon Set Format are now available from the GP Software download page.

Icon Sets work with Directory Opus 9 and above.

How to create a Icon set?
Export custom icons
How to create program icon to use different drive letters
[Help] USB mode with personal icons set
How to create program icon to use different drive letters
[Help] USB mode with personal icons set

I missed that post while on Holiday a month ago.
I can't do all that yet, but I can help a little if one only needs the xml file for a bunch of either small or large icons.

The good news is that everything except for the actual filename of the utf-8 textfile is now utf-8 unicode here on Linux.
In other words, if someone has a bunch of icons and wants to generate the text of the xml file fast, they can use my PHP5 program.
One needs to select the icon images they want in Directry Opus and then use Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As Names Only.
Alternatively create this button :

Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths 

Then, paste the clipboard into disPHP.
Press input.
Edit to your liking and press Process.
Copy the resultant code to the clipboard !
Then use your text editor ( notepad ) to create the text file.

The program really does generate a unix utf-8 text file, but I'm not sure how to offer it for download yet.
Easy to change it to PC-Utf-8, but Im not quite certain how it would be best to log the actual filenames.

But then, surely someone eventually will quash this with a windows program.
Meanwhile, I'm using this.


Edit Note:
I'll see what I can do about creating an advanced mode.
It shouldn't be too difficult now.
The worst of the work is done.


Wish I knew about this a long time ago. :frowning:


Can't create icon set including icons with sizes differ from standard 22² and 32². Example:


...[/code] Message when importing: "No DOpus icon set" :question:


You've probably messed up the XML or filenames somewhere, but I can only guess as you didn't provide a full example set.

Here are two test sets I just made. One is 64x64 + 48x48 and the other is 32x32 + 22x22, and both seem to work. (44.9 KB)


Just a quick observation: I have (repeatedly, to my shame) had problems creating .dis files because I stuck the images and XML into a folder and zipped the entire folder instead of just the images. I don't see anything in the specifications that mentions that the .zip/.dis file should only contain files and not a folder, so perhaps you could add it in, or make it so that Opus doesn't mind folders?