Directory Opus "not responding" at startup

Using Windows 10.0.17763.557 & Directory Opus 12.15 build 7102 (pro). Since the last Directory Opus update, when I startup Windows (or even simpler kill off the Dopus task), when I open a new Lister it goes into "not responding" every time for about 10-20 seconds and then recovers to be usable. This is happening on three machines all running the same versions.

As this is consistent it seems to be a new "bug" recently introduced.

You probably have something pointing to a network folder where the machine is not accessible anymore. Windows takes 30 seconds before it gives up.

Check the tabs that are open on startup, and any custom toolbar items visible at the top level (i.e. not in sub-menus).

It may also be worth trying the latest beta, especially if you have any portable devices plugged into the machines.

Hi Leo,

I just noticed it is dong this with my Windows Server 2016 system also. This does not have any USB drives. Only happened since latest Opus upgrade. No pointers to network drives, listers startup to desktop.

It is not just Windows startup, if I stop the Dopus.exe task, every time it starts the same thing happens.

All other settings, taskbars, etc same as previous version that does not do this.

Best regards.

If you create a manually generated dump file of dopus.exe while it's in this "not responding" state and send it to us we may be able to tell what's going on.

Just done the Windows monthly cumulative update and all seems fine now?!