Directory Opus Opening Multiple Windows Even After Exiting

Running Directory Opus 12.29 on a Windows 11 pc.
Continues to open multiple tabs during the day; never had problems until I upgraded to Version 12.

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Do you mean they are opening by themselves? Or that you want new windows instead of tabs? Or you can’t work out how to change which tabs open in new windows? Or something else?

Sorry if I didn't explain well.
It is opening new windows by itself, even though I don't have the program open.
In the last hour it opened about 15 new windows without using my configuration. I have to close all windows before I can continue.
Hope that's a better explanation; thanks for your help!

  • Which folder(s) do the windows point to? That sometimes indicates the thing that is causing them to open.

  • If you turn off Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement and click OK, does the problem still happen? Do File Explorer windows open instead of Opus ones?

I switched from "Replace Explorer for all file system folders (recommended)" to
"Don't replace Explorer" and it looks like this solved the issue.
If this is the final solution, I appreciate your help.

Not really a solution, but tells us where to look.

  • So no Explorer windows are opening now?

  • What were the folders which were opening before?

Also, if you have a tool like Listary or Fluent Search installed and configured to talk to Opus, make sure you have not configured Opus to exit when the last window was closed, or those tools will re-launch Opus each time they talk to it. (Alternatively, configure Opus not to open any windows when it launches, if that is what's happening.) See Dopus keeps reopening after I close it - #6 by GeekDrop for more detail.

  1. No Explorer windows are opening.
  2. C:\Files in one pane; E:\Files in the second pane (USB).
    I've used this combo with previous versions for years.
  3. No 3rd party tools installed, and standard DOPUS installation.
    Never had any issues before, just started with an upgrade to V12

Is Opus configured to exit when the last window closes? (See screenshots in the post I linked to above, if you're not sure where the setting is.)

It was not, so I set it to "Shutdown DOPUS when the last Lister closes.

If it was off, I advise leaving it off. In other words, put it back to how it was.

OK, back where it was.