Directory opus search doesn't work since windows 10 update 2020

directory opus search doesn't work since windows 10 update 2020

Possible solutions here:

You can also use Opus's Tools > Find Files which doesn't depend on Windows Search.

I use the search function to find types of files. IE, i may search a folder with many sub-folders containing a particular type of file (for an example let's say .mp3 files). I do this to copy files from one drive to another. The find files won't do that for me. Any other suggestions ?


Find Files will do that easily. What is the exact problem when you try to use it for that?

got no results the first time but when I tried it a second time on a folder with more files, it did work. So I'm good now, but one more question.
Is there a way to restore the search box function? reinstall or maybe an updated version of D.O. (I use 11.5 right now)

Have a read of the thread Leo linked. It's a Windows problem, not an Opus problem. You need to try to fix it in Windows.

Thanks Jon I'll try to find a fix in Windows