Directory Opus version 11.16 error 0xC0000005 occured in thread 0x33C4 while moving

When trying to move a file from any location on the local computer to a share on my file server Directory Opus version 11.16 build 5738 gets the following error every time 0xC0000005 occured in thread 0x33C4.

This is a repeatable error even after a clean system restart or shutdown/boot.

OS=Windows 10

At this time Directory Opus is completely useless as a file manager.

Hoping that someone else has had this error and can advise.

Missouri USA

Are there crash dumps? Please zip and mail them to if they exist.

Have you tried moving the same file to the same folder using another program?

What types of files are involved? What type of server is the destination?

I have gathered the crash dumps and will email them to you.

In all but one of the dumps, the Movie plugin is asking Windows to open an AVI file and that may be crashing. Windows and video codecs sometimes have issues with certain AVI files, or with incomplete AVI files (which can happen while copying them).

Try disabling the Movie plugin to see if that helps.

Also try disabling all non-Opus, non-Windows shell extensions using ShellExView.

Please also answer my other questions from two and a half years ago. For example, if AVI files are involved then it would confirm my theory and help direct us towards more likely solutions.