DirOpus Dark Grey-Blue 2020

Resolution: 3840x1600 (24:10)
Icons: S-Dox-Sets and -backgrounds (here: S-20 backgrounds)


@Sasa Looks great, as expected! Please update your link to the S-20 backgrounds for those who may not already know where to find them.


Thanks, nothing special, only changed colors, not layout (because I'm getting used to it) :slight_smile:.

Links included.

Edit: Uploaded to Themes!

I dig it. Thanks for sharing.

I've never used a dark theme before. It will take some getting used to!

Thanks, these are very tasteful. Nice to see ones like this rather than clowncar UI

Will you take a screenshot with the meta/viewer panes up, please?

(sorry for double post, apparently there is an ultra short timer on ability to edit posts)

Metapane- etc. color is bg-color of active lister or download theme.

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