Disable column auto size

I asked this before and found the solution before getting and answer on the forum. But after a new install and perhaps new version, I can't find where to disable the auto size of column. This is annoying. Something this common should not be this hard to find, and perhaps auto size should not even be on by default. Seeing the date is more important then seeing the complete name. Please, where do I turn off auto size?

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Look in Folder Formats or Styles, either can control the auto-sizing of columns.

For years I found it hard to remember or get used to how Dopus was laid out. Now it all makes sense and why they did it the way they did.

I find the easiest (and most universal) way to get to Folder Options (Leo's screenshot from your other thread and what JohnZeman said) is to Right-click a column Header (Name, Size, Date etc) -> More... -> Display tab -> Auto-size columns. Then make sure to Save this format to this folder or all folders using the "Save" drop-down menu on the top right of this same Folder Format window.

Don't forget, you can do a configuration backup before formatting or reinstalling. That why, all the little things you set will be restored.

Thank you both. I did get to the same place using both methods. But the one I'll likely remember is right clicking column. But I still don't think auto size should be the default. :smiley:

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I was a senior analyst in IT for 20 years. I doubt that an analyst decided to make auto size of col widths the default. (It would have been a young programmer). Please change the default to prevent that very annoying irritation. And could some one publish here, an up to date instruction for us to tweak our settings in our current version of DO to stop it doing that.

Thanks Jon,
That worked