Disable single-click selected file enters Rename mode?

When I single-click on a file that's already highlighted, it switches to Rename File mode. Is there a way to disable this? So just double-click initiates a Rename File?

I have the problem if focus is in the left side (tree view), and I want to go to the right side (file view), I click on the selected file in the file view, and it enters rename mode, which I don't want.

As far as I know, there's no option to disable Inline Rename, but:

1. When you don't click on the filename, but (for example) on the size or type column of the selected file, DOpus doesn't switch to the Inline Rename Mode!


2. Try increasing the Double-Click delay in your mouse control panel.


3a. You could use Power Mode and try these settings (for example):

Left button: Normal drag select; Drag & Drop: Immediate Action
Right button: Context Menu (no select); Drag & Drop: Show Menu
Middle button: Disable; Drag & Drop: Disabled

3b. To enter Inline Rename mode when double clicking a file/folder (very inconvenient IMO) you could try this:

Click Settings -> File Types -> All files and folders -> Edit -> Events Tab -> Left double-click -> Edit -> Enter this code: Rename INLINE=name

3c. You could also use the Middle Button in Power Mode to enter Inline Rename mode (much better IMO)

I was wrong when I said double-click to rename a file. Double-click launches the file.