Display Opus version number in lister title bar

This builds on my earlier request: Setting to include "Directory Opus" string in title bar?

I think it would be nice if my title bar included the current version number of Directory Opus, too. That way I could easily know my version when writing things in the forum here, and also my Greenshot-taken screenshots (see my original request, linked above) would have the Opus version number in their file names. Useful.

There's currently no variable for this for the "Preferences | Display | Options | Custom title:" field in Opus 12.18. The variables currently available are:

    %P - full path of the current (source) folder
    %N - name of the current (source) folder
    %R - drive root of the current (source) folder
    %D - full path of the destination folder
    %M - name of the destination folder
    %G - target if the folder is a junction or softlink
    %1 - full path in the left file display
    %2 - full path in the right file display
    %3 - folder name in the left file display
    %4 - folder name in the right file display
    %L - name of the Layout the Lister came from (if any)
    %S - name of the current Style selected in the Lister (if any)
    %T - complete original title (useful for simply adding a prefix or suffix to the title)
    %% - insert a literal % character

You can do it with a very short script:

I tried the script and it worked perfectly however after backing up the configuration with the script and then restoring the configuration the script no longer shows the version number?

The script only affects windows when they open.

Do new windows work?

Is the script still shown as there in the list of scripts in Preferences?

I think I have found the problem.
When I make a backup, I proceed as follows:

  1. Set everything the way I want it
  2. Settings/Set as default lister/ok
  3. Settings/Lister Layouts/Save this lister/ok
  4. Settings/Backup and Restore/etc

It seems after I run 3. “Settings/Lister Layouts/Save this lister/ok”
Then restart Opus the TitleBar is gone
If I run “Settings/Lister Layouts/Save this lister/ok” again the TitleBar is back

Hope this helps

I think I know what was going wrong now. I've updated the script with a fix.

Thanks Leo all is well now :slightly_smiling_face:

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