DNG or NEF images not showing dimensions

I have been looking for a side by side file explorer for quite some time, and needed one that gave the dimensions of images in a column. And here I found it.. well sort of.
Whilst it does give the image dimensions in a column, it doesn't do it for DNG of NEF(Nikon) files. Did I overlook something?
I hope someone can help with this..


Couldn't reproduce on my system, all my .dng and .nef files seem to work fine. But this add-in should be able to read the metadata:

Dimensions should shown for those files.

Please zip and post a couple of example files in case there’s something specific to the files or camera they were from which Opus is unable to parse, and so we can check if the same thing happens for us with them.

Thanks for the replies..
I've just checked and something strange is happening.
In details view and dimensions column enabled, NEF and DNG images don't show dimensions.
In details + thumbnails with dimensions column enabled, NEF and DNG images don't show dimensions.
In thumbnails view both NEF and DNG show filename, file size and dimensions under the image..
I've no idea..
I can send a couple of images if needed


So Opus updated, once restarted all NEF and DNG files are showing dimension!!
All is well with the world..
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Which version were you on before? It's been a month since the last update and I think quite a bit longer since we touched the DNG/NEF code.

Sorry for the late reply.
I'm not sure what version I had. I had downloaded it a few months ago, but hadn't installed it. I only seen it when I formatted my machine.
I'm loving it so far. Does everything I was looking for.