DO 64bit toolbar icons missing

Hi all,
I have re-exported (replaced) 32bit DO with 64 bit DO and now most of the icons are not showing up.

From your previous screenshot I see you're not using the standard icons.

Are you using an Icon Set? If so, is it still exported to the USB stick?

If not, what are the icon paths which the buttons reference?

If the icons are below "C:\Program Files (x86)" (which "C:\Program Files" will divert to in 32-bit apps when on 64-bit Windows) and you switched from 32-bit to 64-bit then that would explain it, and you'd need to edit your toolbars to point them to the right place. The toolbars are XML text files so you can search & replace paths using a text editor if it speeds things up.

I looked at the >Settings>Toolbar Icons.
You are correct! The icon set is missing. I will correct this when I get home from work.
Thank you so much!

BTW: I have DO on my desktop at home and I am running DO on my laptop from a usb key.
do you know if a second full copy of DO cost the full price or if there is a discount for the second full instance?

If you want the extra licence so you can install Opus on your laptop, instead of using the USB key, then you probably don't need to buy anything extra at all:

(More info here: )

Thanks Leo!
I missed that info when I read the license.