DO becomes unresponsive for folder that contains 800,000 files

I have a folder that contains 800,000 files.

When I try to list the files in that folder, Directory Opus initially displays a message that says "Reading folder" with an Abort button underneath the message. Eventually, the program display a list of files (enough of a list to fit in the window), however, when I move the mouse cursor over the window, the mouse cursor becomes a little blue circle (presumably indicating that that program is busy) and the window title bar has the name of the folder with "(Not Responding)" tacked on to the end. No matter how long I wait, the program never comes out of that state and I have to kill the program.

The columns I'm trying to display in the listing are Name, Size, Modified, Type, Owner, and Status.

What do I need to do (besides the obvious of not having folders that have 800,000 files) to get the program to allow me to display and manipulate the files (i.e., move, copy, delete, rename, etc.)? Are there any settings that I need to set or un-set?


A couple of quick things to check:

  • Does it still happen without the Owner and/or Status columns?

  • If you look in Task Manager, is dopus.exe or anything else (e.g. antivirus) using a lot of CPU when this starts happening?

  • What type of drive is this happening on? e.g. Local drive, Windows network drive, or non-Windows network drive.

If you can send us some process snapshots so we can see what's happening while the program is unresponsive, we may be able to see what's going wrong from those: