DO Stopped Working

I went to use the List Themes option and as soon as I clicked it DO locked up. I waited for a bit but it wasn't resolving. I opened Task Manager and clicked on End Task but it didn't do anything. I left it go for several minutes and tried the End Process Tree. Task Manager said it was unable to stop child task with PID xxx. I looked that up and it was explorer. I clicked End Task on explorer and explorer stopped. I restarted it without problem. DO was still running only now I couldn't do anything I got that message that essential states that Task Manager is not able to end the task. Finally, it went on it's own.

I opened it up loaded the new theme and found a problem in the theme's date sort which I reported. I went into setting to remove the Day of the Week option so that all dates displayed the same. I thought maybe it had something to do with the sort not working. When I got back to DO I sorted on the Created Date at which point it locked up again. I went back to task manager and clicked on End Task expecting it to be a long process like the last time but it disappear immediately; however, I clicked the icon to start DO my cursor changed shaped temporarily but nothing happened. I clicked it a 2nd time but nothing. I tried double clicking the desktop but nothing. I went back into Task Manager which shows both pieces are active and yet I cannot get it to display.

If Opus is locking up use the steps in the FAQ to generate a manual crash log and email it to us:

No such folder exists and when I went back to Task Manager thinking that it's still running and I could get a few dumps from there it was gone. I don't know why or how but it just unloaded itself. The good part is that I can now displays again.

BTW that was the first time I ever used the Lister Theme section in case that might be a way to recreate it.

The manual crash log isn't found in a folder, you generate it through Task Manager as described in the FAQ.

Yeah I understand that. I was looking for the automatic one.

Like I said when I went back to task manager DO was no longer active for whatever reason. I didn't get any notified of any termination like you usually do when something terminates abnormally, it was just gone. I figured that once I restarted DO there wouldn't be any sense in creating dump files because that info was lost when it terminated.

That usually indicates the process is stuck calling very low level code, either the Windows kernel itself, or a device driver, or something that runs at the same level (sometimes antivirus).

If it was running code from Opus itself, Windows would let you kill it, but if it's stuck inside a low-level call then Windows won't allow you to kill the process until the call returns (since it can corrupt kernel data which is shared by the whole system). It's rare for things to get stuck in a low-level call, but when they do it indicates a problem outside of the programs themselves. (Even if a program passes invalid parameters, it should just get an error back rather than hang inside the API call.)

Themes don't control how things are sorted; only colors, fonts etc. If you loaded a full configuration backup, rather than a theme, then that might affect sorting, but would be something different. The screenshot you posted in the theme's thread was too cropped to see what was wrong, so I can't say more than that so far.

What else do you need to see? I was just trying to keep it small. I only have it set to display filename, create date, modified date, last accessed, label and size.

See my reply here from 2 days ago: Simple Windows 10 Dark Theme

DO hung again. Took some 20-25 minutes till it was functional again. It surprised me that after rebooting DO was still open as I turn this capability off. When I peeked at the two open panes neither of them had info other than the directory which I assumed was because the computer wasn't completely loaded yet. I shouldn't have done it. It then hung. I was able to get 2 dmps until the first hang cleared.

Then I tried to open the directory on the network and it hung again. There's a definite pattern starting to emerge that once DO has hung it will hang again. Another 5 minutes opening the directory and another dmp file.

When it finally displayed the directory it displayed all the files and I tried to double click a setup.exe and yet a 3 hang.

The other thing I notice is that once DO goes into this hang mode I can't do much of anything. Often other programs aren't functioning as they should. Very slow to open maybe 5 minutes to open something; however, closing seems to work without so much trouble and usually things will close immediately. I also noted that there's about 3.5 gigs of memory being used up by DO and 10 million page faults for what it's worth I working with 8G of memory. FYI on the Dark Theme I have no access to the Search Icon at the top at least not in the current state. It may comeback I don't know.

I just checked on the dmps I only have 4 I thought I had created 5. Well I know the first 2 are a pair. If there was a quick one it was the one in that would be the 3rd in my mind that I did while the directory was supposedly loading - it was created really quickly because I thought to myself that was fast. Usually, they take several minutes a piece. Each one is 3.5G which will all be in 1 zip file that's all but 6G. I'll post the link when it's down uploading.

I think I covered it all. If you have any questions try to ask them quickly.

You reported a hang previously and sent some process dumps. I replied two months ago with suggestions (it looked like your antivirus was hanging the process, probably when scanning installer/setup files Opus was accessing):

You didn't ever reply to that thread again, but it sounds like that is still what's causing the problem.

Please read my reply in that thread and try the suggestions there.

Today I turned off Defender and reran the same scenario where I opened a file on my network server and messed around relocating the playing position and boom PotPlayer hung up again. However, with that said when I went back to turn on Defender Windows had already turned it on. I'm going to find an antivirus hopefully freeware and maybe that will allow Windows to not turn Defender back on. I did try one yesterday and even though it said it was free it wasn't really it had limited functionality in that it only ran batch style.

What I did notice was that things recovered better. While there were some odd side effects I was using magnifier to see something when the video just restarted on it's own - strange because I had killed the task and DO didn't immediately go into a hang I was able to set a label although the label didn't actually appear until after the video had restarted which was probably about 4-5 minutes. I was able to click on different files but it didn't do anything to them or with them but I was allowed to click on them not an hour-glass although after enough monkeying around the hour-glass did appear.

The other thing I noticed on my bandwidth monitor is that there was way too much traffic going on but I don't know why at this point and I'm not the best at Wireshark but I'm going to turn it on to see if anything shows up next time.

I think I finally satisfied myself with what was going on here. I turned on the Sidebar which I was surprised to find on Windows 10. Anyway in there I had a gadget that monitors the top 5 processes. Seems that dumb luck had my backup kicking off at the same time I launched a video. The backup was trying to create a VSS snapshot when I was trying to get the video stop. Hard to figure why trying to quit out of PotPlayer and/or DO created such a hang as you'd think closing these things would be a minimal task that would free up resources. I do know that the PotPlayer does try to write out to the registry the location of the video when it was closed and creating a VSS snapshot of the registry is big task and affects everything but the programs that don't entangle themselves with the registry.