DO11: Alternative progress-bar

I can't think of any other way to interpret your idea of moving progress display into a panel below the file display.

(BTW, the ability to not have it appear by default, and only when you manually turn it on or off, is there as an option already. Sounded like that was the mode you had in mind in at least part of the two posts I quoted there.)[/quote]
I appreciate you digging out those old comments... I know your time is better spent on other things, and we should let this lie for a bit. But I'm very surprised the only way you feel ALL of that babble from me could be interpreted would be to have a popup bar that shifts the file display - lol. My notions of moving things into a 'Copy Panel' (which I would still find value in if it helped to open the door for more functionality, and which I focused on more than any other ideas in my rantings) was mentioned with the backdrop of making it non-intrusive on the file display (via automatically shrink style options). Maybe you thought my belief in a Copy Panel having merit made you assume I was ok with the file display shifting - since the Panel does this to a much larger degree than even the jobs bar does?

But if a 'Copy Panel' had come along with increased functionality (like advanced copy queue controls, etc) I mentioned I might then make my normal default layout use the Panel in an auto-shrink state to prevent it from 'popping' up and shifting the file display - as long as the the same sort of summary info you've put into the Jobs Bar could be shown in the header or border bar of the shrunken panel. From ABR's comments - I know he wouldn't dig that approach since it would be 'always open' during the ~80% of the time he's not even using it... but again, I acknowledge that even people with the same reasons for wanting something 'different' won't necessarily agree on what that 'different' thing should be :slight_smile:.

I also hinted at my intentions relating to my requests for toolbar state control in layouts (thanks VERY much for that) while describing this stuff; and was thinking that if we got a 'Copy Panel' I could have the option of a dedicated 'Copy Panel Layout' for file operation management that I could call up via hotkey and dismiss with the key. And for much more simple progress summary info like what is provided in the jobs bar boxes - even back in those old comments I was talking up my preference for some kind of status bar controls, or system tray tool tips, or - but again, in keeping with the theme of not making it intrusive on the file display.

For the time being, I'm content to just disable the jobs bar - and really appreciate the new option to auto-minimize the old progress indicators. If we can successfully make the case at some later date for alternative approaches, then we can revisit all of this. But don't you dare go assigning responsibility for the way the jobs bar works to ME... I might just have to slap myself :slight_smile:.

Actually I have really wide displays at work and at home (2560x1440 pixels) and I have a lot of space in the middle of my status bar (placed still on the lister's bottom). Thus I would be so happy to have the progress indicators as part of my user defined status bar. Currently it is popping up and down all the time and that makes me nervous.

PS: Since the IPS based HD-displays recently fall below 600 USD (e.g. DELL U2760HM @ Amazon) there will be many other users in the future having wide displays providing lot of space in the status bar. Seems to be a good idea to make use of this unused space for meaningful things like the progress indicators.