DO11: "Conditional Buttons" vs Conditional Toolbars

Very excited about Opus 11. It has a lot of everything for everyone.

A lot of people are excited about the new toolbar features, and with good reason since they have a thousand immediate uses for them.

To make what follows clearer, I'll refer to these new features as "conditional toolbars", since the toolbars appear when certain conditions are met: with a given lister, folder format, path, layout, view mode...

In my case, and I'm probably not alone, what could be even more helpful than a "conditional toolbar" is a "conditional button", meaning a button that pops in at a given spot on a toolbar when a condition is met: for instance, a video type is selected, in a certain view mode, a file path etc.

One reason that makes me guess that I'm not alone is a comment I read where someone said they were going to make different versions of their default toolbar, each of these versions with two or three more buttons... As software guys naturally allergic to code duplication, you'll appreciate that this approach would cause this person (or me) maintenance pains when we update our main toolbar.

We all have different working habits. Someone who has a more "visual" way of doing things than me will be very creative with toolbars and invent toolbars to suit different conditions.
In contrast, my working habits are heavily shortcut-dependent. To suit these habits, I've built toolbars that work exceptionally well for my needs in most circumstances, and I don't have the creativity to invent other visual configurations for different conditions.

On the other hand, what would help me out would be to enhance my do-everything-toolbars when certain conditions are met---for instance, whenever I select an image file, some buttons would pop into the toolbar.

Now that the location bar has been made redundant (love the new file display border as a toolbar concept), there's a lot of real estate to accommodate these "conditional buttons".

Ideally, I would see the setting of a button's conditions centralized within that button's edit dialog: a "conditions" panel where you can set a "file type condition", a lister condition, a view mode condition... As opposed to having to set a button's conditions in multiple places: lister prefs, layout prefs etc.

Do Conditional Buttons sound like something that would interest other people?
Do Conditional Buttons sound like something that would be a huge pain to implement---if you started with the smallest condition set possible, for instance conditional buttons that appear when certain file types are selected?
Or is this something that is actually already possible, but that I have completely missed?... :blush:

I realize that Team Opus has their hands full... but this beta period is also a special time to reflect on our most favorite piece of software that many of us couldn't live without.

Wishing everyone on the forum, and particularly our heroes at Team Opus a fun and relaxing week.
Long live Opus! :thumbsup:

I wonder if the silence is what happens when you write a novel instead of a compact forum thread.
Happy new year everyone.

Requested same here: [url]Idea: Content type based buttons/button-groups]

Hi Sasa, you're right, it sounds quite similar.
It sounds like you're talking about a conditional behavior for groups of buttons, while I was suggesting a conditional behavior for individual buttons.
Wishing you a fun weekend. :slight_smile:

Nope, I also talk about buttons and that I would prefer them instead of groups! :slight_smile:

Sorry then, I had missed that. :slight_smile:

This is definately something I would like as well.

I love the conditional toolbars, but conditional buttons would be uber awesome :smiley:

@goselito Thank you for reactivating that topic, I was just wondering about that. :slight_smile:

Hi Leo,
Hope you're doing great.
I haven't been following convos on the forum lately. Would you be willing to share the current thinking of Opus Team about Conditional Buttons?

Wishing you all a marvelous day


I would especially like to have conditional buttons on the File Display toolbar just like the Compatibility Files button as buttons can chow away a lot of the location bar space.

@leo, is it possible to share another toolbar in the File Display location that I can set conditional parameters to?

You can only have one toolbar in the File Display position.

Then this is why conditional buttons would be awesome :wink:

For me, having to make a conditional toolbar just means more work — either having to invent a whole new toolbar layout, or making tiny changes to a "mother-toolbar" (spawning multiple children), which would be a maintenance headache every time I need to change the mother.
This is why for my needs and skill set a Conditional Button that pops in at a specified location in the toolbar would work better.


Well friends, looks like Team Opus has incorporated this into DO12!

Just noticed that you can do something like


to hide a button unless the selected file is an image.

Awesome! :thumbsup:

See F1 / Release Notes / DO12 / Toolbars