DO11: Issue with line numbers in script editor

This may be related to my special DPI/font size settings described in this thread: DO11: DPI awareness bug

To reproduce the issue open the script editor and configure it to display lines. Now type e.g. @language vbscript and select only @language. When I now right click into the selection rectangle positioning the mouse over one of the first 4 charcters everything works fine and I'm able to copy/cut the text. When I position the mouse over one of the last 5 characters right clicking deselects the text and moves the cursor about 6 characters to the right from the mouse position.

[Important detail mentioned in another thread: The issue may be unrelated to DPI/font settings but seems to be related to the new display line numbers in editor feature. --Leo]

Confirmed... it appears in the regular button/hotkey Command Editor (so not sure if you were speaking to the actual "Script Interpreter" or not). And it disappears when you turn line numbers off.

That said... there's been some really strange behavior in the Command Editor for some time now... but I don't always see it for some reason. But for now (as a for instance), I've got this string in a button to open a local copy of the Beta Announcement:

"/programfilesx86\opera\opera.exe" "D:\my\temp\opus11\scripting\Directory Opus 11 Beta (Announcement).mht"

I can mostly reproduce this on demand, but it's tricky and very circumstantial:

First, if I click the mouse button too close to backslash in "D:\my"... intending to place the cursor just before the "m" and to the right of the slash, it sometimes places the cursor before the slash instead:, I naturally cursor arrow right once in order to get the cursor just before the "m":

...and then, if I hold to then range select from the "m" position over to the end of the "Directory Opus " string (including the space), then what I end up with is:

...notice that the front of the selection has expanded to include the slash char again.

Hardly the most important issue, but when copying and pasting between commands with strings that include lots of spaces (and I want to say other characters involved like underscores and quotes made the results vary some more), it becomes quite irritating to remember to check you've had a valid selection, particularly before you cut text out.

This aspect of the weirdness in the Command Editor is NOT specific to line numbers being on though like what you've reported and I can confirm happens here as well. Only mentioning it in same thread to say that there are funky things around text selection in the editor all around. For yours, it seems like the indentation caused by the line numbers being on is throwing off the right click positioning or something?

Thanks for confirming the issue with line numbers enabled. In return I can confirm the issue you described to be reproduceable here.

I can confirm the first two issues (right-click on selected text, and clicking mispositioning the cursor), and they'll be fixed in the next beta. However I can't reproduce the "shift+cursor key" selection issue.

Hey Jon... well, all I can say is that the "shift+cursor key" issue is something I only see along WITH the "clicking mispositioning the cursor" thing... In fact, just in my attempts to catch what was happening in the screenshots, it was terribly inconsistent. It didn't happen EVERY time I had the "clicking mispositioning the cursor" thing, but it also NEVER happened withOUT the clicking thing...

I could make a video of me noodling around in the editor, but it'll just show in motion what I've described in words. I'll putz around a bit to see if I can make it more reliable to repro...

A video may help.

I'll post one tonight...

Thanks for fixing the issues I reported here in DO11 Beta 8. However, I can still reproduce steje's issue.

Made a video... details are a bit different than I originally thought. Hope it helps:

Thanks, with the video I was able to reproduce it immediately.