DO11: Update Tips

You can do that already. It's the 4th item at the top of the release notes:

Thanks, Leo. This is another mighty new function! :opussanta:

At first I wasn't too excited about the new toolbar functionality, but I'm starting to realize how amazing it's going to be when I get everything set up. I can clean my main toolbars of all filetype-dependent commands, and just create special toolbars for working with images, videos, audio, etc., and have them come and go exactly when I need them. Pretty neat!

If you're like me and you connect your PC to your LCD TV, you know how hard it can be to navigate your files from your sofa without binoculars.

Introducing TV Mode, letting you easily find and open files without leaving your easy chair!

This button turns off all columns but filename and thumbnail, and bumps up the font size to 200%. Clicking it again resets everything back to normal!

First, you need to set up a folder format called Thumbnail that sets your lister to show just the Thumbnail and Filename columns, like this:

Then use this code in a button:

Set FONTSCALE=100,200 @ifset:$glob!:TVMode @set glob!:TVMode SET FORMAT=Thumbnail @ifset:else @set glob!:TVMode=1 SET FORMAT=!default

Ain't it pretty!

To me, that has a lot of potential.
By default, this is /buttons/File Display.dop, right?
I see that you can assign any other dop file to that file display border toolbar through Prefs / File Display / Borders.

This means we can share these file display border toolbars!

That sounds a lot like huge mode. We're on the same track with that.

Huge Mode :smiley:

On a different note I've been thinking about the new ability to toggle toolbars based on filetypes and folder formats. I started making an "audio" toolbar, but when I realized I only had 3 buttons I really wanted on it, I got kind of sad.

Then I realized I can just duplicate my main toolbar and call it Main (Audio), then add those three buttons. I can save a toolbar set with Main (Audio) instead of just Main, and let DOpus trigger that set when it sees audio files. This will essentially let us trigger specific buttons based on paths or filetypes, just by duplicating our primary toolbars and adding a few buttons here and there. Cool :sunglasses:

This leads to a question that has been on my mind:
On a toolbar, is it possible to create buttons that only appear when a certain file type is selected?
This would get rid of the problem of duplicating toolbars and adding three buttons that newguy mentioned.
It's fine the first time, but if you need to duplicate each time you change the main toolbar... That gets old.

For my part, I too feel that my main toolbars do most of what I need in most cases, but that for certain file types (pic, audio, vid) I could add a few buttons.

Now that the location bar can be removed from the main toolbars, there's a lot of real estate for buttons to "pop in" depending on file type.

[quote="playful"]@blueroly---music, vids, ebook... that makes sense.

This brings home how lame my life has been in the past few years---haven't had to deal with audio files, apart from audiobooks.

Let's talk vids. What's on your toolbar?
For vids I don't have a toolbar, but a few shortcuts:

  • open file with MediaInfo (gives you all the metadata that's missing in Opus)
  • open file with MkvMerge (awesome to mux subtitles etc into h264 files)
  • open with VLC (not my default player)
    Also a setting to give files a special icon if they're above a certain rating (specified in the file name)
    The shortcuts live in my Prefs button / Custom shortcut repository / Open with[/quote]
    My video toolbar is similar. Links to VLC, MPC and Handbrake, plus a few rename and move commands and ratings. I'd like to add commands to open a video file with Handbrake and convert it via the command-line but that's for another day.

[quote]My video toolbar is similar. Links to VLC, MPC and Handbrake, plus a few rename and move commands and ratings. I'd like to add commands to open a video file with Handbrake and convert it via the command-line but that's for another day.

MPC for frame-by-frame control, good call.
For Handbrake, haven't found an idea for a shortcut yet. Your shortcut opens a VIDEO_TS folder, not individual files, right?
Ratings... within the file? Interesting idea. On my end I use a naming convention with ratings at the top, e.g. 7.5 Some Movie (2013).mkv
Renaming commands: ditto.
=> lots.of.dots to "lots of dots"
=> sometext S01E23 someothertext to 01x23

You can access drives directly from the breadcrumbs field itself...

Regards, AB[/quote]
...and a lot more besides. Thanks @AB

I like having the progress bar minimized :stuck_out_tongue:

DO11 is going to be a big advantage for hardcore keyboard users. Because we can use more sophisticated keyboard shortcuts, which are also
much easier to memorize. I'd like to share my first idea, of what the new multi hotkeys can do, like making column toggles possible, that required
mouse action & somme fiddling around in sub menues in DO10. I think, i'm going to rearrange big portions of my shortcuts to use this brilliant new feature.
Note, that this function can not only use digits, but characters :thumbsup: as well:

Hot dang, you are so right!
Let's keep the ideas flowing on that topic because the possibilities are immense.
For instance I was running out of Ctrl + Alt, Ctrl + Shift, Ctrl + Win...
Now I can imagine something like
Key Combo + O + Key for "Open with" application e.g. Editpad, Photoshop etc
Key Combo + R + Key for "Rename" using pattern e.g. Uppercase, Title, ...
Key Combo + D + Key for "show Drive" letter C, A, X... [although I'll probably stick to my simple Alt + drive letter]

What else?

My Update Tip for those who are afraid using an early Beta:
Install one version (DO10 or DO11) to the standard path and export the other version to somewhere on your harddisk which is possible using the USB export feature with the "Dongle" option. You'll need to fully exit DOpus and also kill dopusrt.exe using taskmanager before you can start the exported version (and of course have the USB stick you used as a dongle plugged in). To make this procedure an one-click-action I'm using a little nircmd script (DOpusExported.ncl) which I call from a button:

Button code

[path]\nircmd.exe script "[path]\DOpusExported.ncl"


exec show ""[path]\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Close PROGRAM" wait 200 killprocess "dopusrt.exe" exec show "[exported version path]\DOPUS.exe]"To switch back to your standard Installation you'll need to create a similar second Script (DOpusLocal.ncl) with exec show "[local version path]\dopus.exe]" as the last line and of course a button that calls this script on your exported version.

You don't have to kill dopusrt.exe, you can ask it to exit (documented here):

dopusrt.exe /dblclk=off

(Or turn off the desktop double-click functionality, which will also make it exit and not run again.)

Also, running the USB version on a machine that has another version installed may run into problems when using UAC, since you'll end up using the UAC DLL that's registered on the system, which may be incompatible and crash. (Something we may improve in the future. I've been researching a way, although Windows doesn't make it easy.) There could be other issues with DLLs from the other version being loaded into other programs for features that require that, too (e.g. shell extensions, global hotkeys).

Ah yes, I forgot about the DLL's. UAC is off on my system and the other DLL's doesn't seem to cause any issues at the moment but that may change with further updates. Does it make a difference when I disable autostart, restart Windows and then start the exported version?

Disabling autostart and restarting Windows should avoid some issues, but still leaves shell extensions and UAC.

It's probably fairly safe but it could also lead to strange crashes if you're unlucky, so if the aim is to avoid risk from running a beta I think you're actually increasing the risk that things will go wrong. Probably only very slightly, though.

Now is as good a time as any to ask what the "RT" in "dopusrt" stands for.
I'm pretty sure it's not Rotten Tomatoes, so that leaves us:
Remote Terminal?
Real Time?
Red Tulip?
Roger That?
Room Temperature?
Radiation Therapy?
Republic of Tatarstan?

Run Things :slight_smile: